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Desperate to Remove Cosmetic Tattoos Eyebrows LASER - Florida, FL

I had very sparse eyebrow hair. Went to a bad tech. Who tattooed them WAY too high! I have tried saline with little result. Test spot piko laser which darkened. And now I'm trying acid removal. I'm posting this to help anyone in need. The acid was applied to open skin 65% self neutralizing... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal on Eyebrows

In 2010 or 11 I had my eyebrows tattooed. They weren't fully tattooed because I wasn't going to shave my hair off but I wanted them darker so this guy I knew gave me an outline as I like to call it and just darken the areas that needed darkening like the tail of my eyebrows and the middle. Back... READ MORE

26 Yrs - Much Needed Eyebrow Tattoo Removal - Romania

I got my eyebrows done when I was 18 by someone who wasn't very good. For years I have been covering my tattoo with make-up and plucking my eyebrows to match the tattoo shape. Long story short it was a nightmare and I wanted to be done with it. Someone recommended a clinic in Bucharest, Romania... READ MORE

Eyebrow/cosmetic Tattoo Removal - London

I had my eyebrows tattooed this May and I do not like them at all (I didn't even go back for my touch up). I have given myself time to 'adjust' to them but I still do not like them as they look too fake on me. I am wondering if anyone in the London (I am based in Ealing) area had their... READ MORE

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal with Rejuvi - Sydney, AU

I got cosmetic tattooing on my eyebrows that certainly look better dark. I should have listened to my gut instinct and FLED the salon! She didn't listen to my brief, went outside the lines and the colour went grey after the ink had settled - my confidence was shattered. After finding this... READ MORE

Tattoo Eyebrow Nightmare! - Miami, FL

After living with horrible tattoo eyebrows for many years, I was blessed to find Dr. O' Connell. Dr. O' Connell made me feel comfortable in an otherwise embarrassing situation. He is very experienced in his field and even gave me great pointers. His pleasant attitude is up-lifting and his staff... READ MORE

the most regretful thing i've done in my life - eyebrow embroidery! -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi there. I'm Elaine, 22, from Malaysia. I just did my eyebrow embroidery few months ago. And I get nightmares after that. They were so dark and thick, just like two hooks above my eyes! My colleagues teased me in front of other peoples. My self esteem dropped just like that. I didn't even want... READ MORE

Permanent Makeup Removal by Las Vegas Artist - Las Vegas, NV

I had made the huge mistake of getting permanent eyebrows without doing my research. It was priced very cheap and the owner said he could get me in same day. I was so excited. When I left, I was very swollen and bruised. It took a few days to see that my tattoo was GREEN and one was higher then... READ MORE

My Tattoo Removal (Ammature Eyebrows& Under Lip Tattoo) - University Place, WA

I had my first treatment Friday ( June 1, 2012 ) OMG! My eyebrow tattoos are almost gone, WHICH I CANT BELIEVE!! Buut, i pleaded that sHe didnt shave my eyebrows; Soo, uhh the hair on part of my eyebrows are bleached from the laser. lol, heres the pics& i will update after each session.... READ MORE

I Had Remove my Eyebrow Tattoo with One Session of Laser I Want to Know is It Good Result - Bahrain

I had eyebrow tatto only 2 weeks it was dark dark brow ink but when she keep it for me its come dark gray like black I do on laser session with q-swatch lase revlite its come gray lighter than before is it good result its only 12 days for laser treatment is it easy to remove or I need mor... READ MORE

Brown Eyebrow Tattoo Turned Black After 1st Session with Laser Removal

I had a little eyebrow hair and when i was just 18 i had the tattooed. after a year i realized that they are ugly and i don't like them. i tried to fix them many times but i am still not satisfied with their look. i wish i had no eyebrow at all than having what i have now.i am trying to remove... READ MORE

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