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Need It to Be Gone

First of all ,sorry about my english,because is not my native language . I'm now 32 and I had this tattoo done when I just hit 18 .I have hated it since then ,because it was a decission I made in a rush without putting much thinking on it .I was having a rebellious time and this is the result of... READ MORE

My Long Tattoo Removal Journey

I've been getting this tattoo lasered since 2015 now. It's SO painful and so expensive that I go months with out having a session. I was originally doing treatments with a q swith laser at laser away which were around $100 a session but after 6 sessions of seering pain and agony my tattoo barely... READ MORE

Removing Black and Red Chest Tattoo. Sweden, SE

On popular request, here is my tattoo laser review :) The removal was done several years ago during 2012 so the details are a bit blurry but thanks to Google calendar I was able to dig out that I did either 8 or 9 sessions with one month in between. The tattoo was two paw marks with red in the... READ MORE

6 Months Rest Period Between Session, at £250 a Time I Need the Rest!! - Canterbury, GB

I suppose we don’t have dissimilar reasons for removing our tattoo’s. But one thing we can all share is our unique experiences or our techniques, if you like, of dealing with the laser process. My first choice was to choose a Dr to remove my tattoos. This is a Dr who is specialised in der... READ MORE

Big Regret. Full Removal of Two Large Thigh Pieces

Hi everyone! I'm new to this site, so I really just want to talk with some people, who are in the same boat as me. It all started with me just having the outlines of two large tattoos on my thighs, and I quite liked them that way. They were big, but they were simple. I have never been a tattoo... READ MORE

5* tattoo removal - Cheshire, GB

After years off unsuccessful expensive extremely painful laser tattoo attempts I decided enough was enough and made some research into getting it surgically removed. After some very good reviews about Dr Reza I booked a consultation. Dr Reza was extremely polite, approachable and friendly and I... READ MORE

Removing Large Stomach Tattoo... Here's Hoping! La Jolla, CA

I am currently in the process of removing a large tattoo that I got on my stomach/pelvis right after my 18th birthday. The tattoo is now 10 years old and it's time to move on. This procedure will be very expensive when I'm through with it, but I hope it will be worth it to enjoy my 30's in a... READ MORE

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