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I Got a Tattoo a Week Ago, and Im Instantly Regetting It? Should I Picosure or Do Excision?

Hello, Im not the type to usually write these type of things but before you say it was a life decision you really should of thought about it. I did, ive been wanting flowers on my forearm for about a year now and really thought about the design i wanted. Im from winnipeg, but was visiting my... READ MORE

Tattoo excision - options

I am looking for views in relation to excising this tattoo. I have undergone laser - however I am unable to live with it. I do need it to be removed. I am not bothered about the fact there will be a scar, and I have considered the alternatives of continuing with laser. Basically, I am looking... READ MORE

Surgical Excision Tattoo Removal - 28yo Female (now 29)

I had two small (2-4in) tattoos that I no longer wanted. I got them at age 19 and 21 and they simply didn't "represent" me anymore, nor did they hold the same significance they once did. I searched and searched online and saw such mixed reviews for laser tattoo removal. Some people had total... READ MORE

Tattoo Gone Wrong! Hoping my Tattoo Excision is Right:) - Cincinnati, OH

Hello! I am new to this website, although I have commented on a few stories that are similar to mine. I will start from the beginning...So years ago I got a tattoo on my hip to symbolize something that happened in my life and I have never once regretted it. The artist did an amazing job and I... READ MORE

Amazing Tattoo Removal. Manhattan, NY

I had a job offer and was denied due to my tattoo located on my finger. Luckily the employer have me the opportunity to remove it and still have the job offer available. So my search in finding the best tattoo removal procedure began. After a couple different consultations with other doctors I... READ MORE

Tattoo Excision - Skin Excised Where Laser Treatment Failed - Large, Dark, Multi-Colored Tattoos - Roanoke, VA

I originally began laser tattoo removal in May of 2011 on 6 tattoos which were located in various places including my ankle, chest, and both arms. These tattoos were put on at various times, using a variety of methods. Some were done professionally and were extremely dark with multiple colors.... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal by Surgical Excision - London, GB

I got my tattoos done when I was very young and after 12 years I decided I had grown out of them so decided to have them romoved. I chose surgical excision as it was quick (you don't need several sessions as you would with laser removal), guaranteed (laser removal doesn't always work and can... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Female - Panama City, FL

Wow the mistakes I've made in life just to show a few of them. So I'm working on cleaning up my skin and turning my entire life. This will be my 4th Laser Tattoo treatment on my stomach and my 2nd on my foot and shoulder. I'm not certain if the tattoo ink is too deep on my stomach so I should... READ MORE

Tattoo Excision - Sugarland, TX

I got a tattoo a couple of years ago, and I wasn't happy with the font/thickness of text. I wanted something dainty and small. While the tattoo was small, it was not dainty. It was also on a very visible part of my arm on the outside of my forearm. Getting a professional job, and general... READ MORE

Happy to Find Out Laser Removal Wasn't My Only Option! - Kingsport, TN

All in all, I don't dislike tattoos. I just didn't like mine any longer. I had been considering laser removal for some time, but with my skin tone, I was afraid it wasn't the best option. Then, a friend recommended Dr. Bharti. After my consultation, I learned that there was another... READ MORE

Tattoo on Wrist. 9 Laser Appointments with No Avail then Excision -Newcastle

I had a tattoo on my wrist for two years and grew out of it. I decided to try laser removal and after 9 goes it wasnt really coming out so I decided on excision. Excision was a easy process of around 20 mins. it was bandaged up for 7 days and its 10 days post op and looking rather nice! Im so... READ MORE

Tattoo Excision

Hi! I just wanted to share my experience with tattoo excision. I have not been able to find a detailed good review on RS so I thought I will share my whole experience from start to finish with progress pictures. I am planning on getting the whole tattoo removed, if it scars well. I started with... READ MORE

Staged Excision of Red Tattoo on Shoulder - New York

After 7 yag laser treatments with little result, I decided to get a red tattoo on my shoulder excised. Dr. Redstone planned a staged excision requiring 3 procedures that will leave me with a single line scar. The procedure is done in office under a local anesthetic, each surgery spaced out... READ MORE

Fresh Tattoo, Serious Regret - Texas

New ankle tattoo, laser or excision? I just can't love it :( Any advice? I would like it completely gone, no more ink for me. This was a lesson learned. It's black and very fine lines, I'm hoping this makes it a good candidate for complete removal either way. I'd prefer excision but I don't... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal of a 1 Inch Butterfly on Upper Right Shoulder - Springfield, MO

I have done so much research on laser tattoo removal and excision. It seems that there is very limited information tattoo excision. I have had two laser treatments on my butterfly tattoo and am happy with the progress, however with that being said, it is very slow going. The procedure is... READ MORE

A Lot to Handle but Committed to the Process - New York, NY

Hey everyone, I have a lot of tattoos and recently I just woke up one day and realized, "What have I done? I don't want to look like this anymore." So I decided to change. I have been doing a lot of research on tattoo removal (as I'm sure you all have been, hopefully) as well as the process... READ MORE

Warm Friendly Surgeon, Excellent Reusults - Brighton Sussex, UK

I had a tattoo which was not suitable for laser removal so excision was my only option. Due to the size and location of the tattoo, 3 excisions were required to fully remove it with minimal scarring. Each time the excision was carried out under local anaesthetic, taking only about 1/2 hour and... READ MORE

No More Tattoo - Montreal, QC

I was very pleased with the result of my surgery. I regretted getting my tattoo almost immediately after I had it put on. I tried laser tattoo removal but after 12 sessions my tattoo refused to go away so I decided to have a tattoo excision instead. My tattoo is gone now and although I have a... READ MORE

Excisional Tattoo Removal - Scottsdale, AZ

I had a tattoo on my ankle that I had attempted to have lasered off & unfortunately experience significant adverse effects that persisted for months. That's why I looked into excisional tattoo removal. I sought consult with 3 other plastic surgeons who felt it couldn't be done before... READ MORE

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