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Tattoo Removal with Laser PICOWAY in Barcelona, Spain

Hi!! I have been reading a lot in this website about tattoo removal and specially about the picoway laser, so i decided to go for it as i have a tattoo close to mt shoulder which o really hate a lot!! I am from Barcelona so i searched for the best clinic in barcelona with this laser, yesterday i... READ MORE

I Feel So Sad :( - Romania

Hi. Im Manu and im from Romania, sry my english is not good but maybe you understand what i say. i have a full sleeve and i depresive and i use long short to hide my tattoo. I make my tattoo 1 mounth ago and thill then i reserch to find best way to remove i was 1 clinic and say to me whit laser... READ MORE

What Do You Think? Tattoo Regret - Czech Republic

Hello everybody. I will not write the same story about getting and regreting new tattoo...everybody know that :) I have 8 months old tattoo on thigh, only black vegan ink. I was on the patch test 2 weeks ago. My Q is: is my skin after laser tattoo removal damage? (You can see different color of... READ MORE

Instant Tattoo Regret... - Stuttgart, DE

Hello, I'm a 29 year old Girl from Germany. I got my Tattoo last week - and I hated it immediately! I should have stopped the Artist when i got that feeling in my stomach... but my Mom made the Design and we talked about it a few times - i really wanted it and loved the Design. But now that... READ MORE

26 Yrs - Much Needed Eyebrow Tattoo Removal - Romania

I got my eyebrows done when I was 18 by someone who wasn't very good. For years I have been covering my tattoo with make-up and plucking my eyebrows to match the tattoo shape. Long story short it was a nightmare and I wanted to be done with it. Someone recommended a clinic in Bucharest, Romania... READ MORE

Perfect Laser Tattoo Removal - Czech Republic

I underwent 1 x standard and 1 x R 20 laser tattoo removal treatments at specialised Prague laser clinic  and I am very happy that I decided to go there because they really know very much about this procedure. I think they are the best tattoo removal clinic in the whole Czech Republic.... READ MORE

Help Me Going Through This Horrible Process!!! - Germany

Hello, I'm a 23 year old italian/german girl and got to tell you my story :-( 4 weeks ago i did the biggest mistake in my life when I got my tattoo on my left arm. I knew immediatley I don't like to have this thing on my arm, after it was done!!! So I went into depression because I do not... READ MORE

33 Years Old Women, Large Back Tattoo - Barcelona, Spain

Hi! Yesterday I have been reading many opinions that are on this site, and they are extremely helpful, thank you so much - and as a thank you I decided to share my tattoo removal process with you. It may be especially interesting as tattoo is very colorful and big one too. The thing with my... READ MORE

Removal of dark tattoo on calf

Hello everyone. First of all, i'm glad to have found this place where people obviously have the same feelings as i have had. Im 18 (Soon to be 19) and live in Denmark, Europe. I got a fresh tattoo with a motive which i wanted, but as soon as it was there i just felt horrible. Having a tattoo... READ MORE

33 Y Woman - Large Colorfull Tattoo on Lower Arm - Belgium

Hi! I'm thinking about removing a tattoo which is fresh....I regret it so much, it keeps me from being able to live and thunk normally. It has the colours black, deep red (bordeaux), brown and green. I think the best way is with the picoway...I'm located in Belgium and it's the best I could find... READ MORE

Tattoo Cover Up Regret - Düsseldorf, DE

Hi, 1 month ago I got this cover up of a smaller already faded tribal and since then my mood got worse every day. I have real depressions right now and am not able to think of something else than this stupid decision of the cover up. Don't get me wrong, I like tattoos and love the tattoo... READ MORE

Lipline Tattoo Removal

I have been taken laser on my lip line now for 4 times and have to take about 2 tames again. It have been worth every penny. I did look like clown at the beginning i did have two lips.. it was awful.. lipline was over my own lip. this has been awful experience and i almost lost my mental health... READ MORE

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