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The Start Of My Tattoo Laser Removal!

Hi! So i have a massive hideous mistake of a tattoo on my leg that has completely stripped me of my confidence. I wont bore you with the mosery and despair i feel from it. I decided to do something about it. I found a reputable doctor who performs laser removal in Derby (United Kingdom) who... READ MORE

Big Large Dark Tattoo Want to Remove. Please I Need Advice - San Jose, CA

I got this big piece when I was 18. You know that age where you was young and reckless. I decided to get this chinese lion from a guy that work at home. He charged me cheap so I went in for the outline and it seem like he wasn't into tattooing no more, he look very tired and it look like he... READ MORE

Covering Black Lettering with Skin Tone Ink?? Sydney, AU

Hi guys, just wondering what your thoughts/experiences are with covering a tattoo with a skin tone ink? I know you will never match a skin tone perfectly, but I have quite a large tattoo on the top half of my stomach and it's not really responding to laser treatment and I want it gone. It's... READ MORE

The FreeInk Journey - Picoway

Hi, Short history: I did a small tattoo in November/2013, and I didn't like it much. Later on 19 May 2016, I did a cover up in that tattoo, and I regretted instantly. The tattoo is all black ink. After some research, I've decided for the Enlighten Laser. However, there is only one place in my... READ MORE

Picoway Tattoo Removal of large colorful pieces

I woke up one day from a fog and looked in the mirror and did not recognize myself. It scared me. Before I knew it in a span of 4 months I had acquired 3 tattoos from various artists. I lost my identity, and I have clarity now I cannot believe what I have done to myself. The cost of this has... READ MORE

Less Painful Than Getting my Ugly Tattoo!

The staff at Body Details in Coral Gables, FL has been such a great help! I was really nervous that it was going to be painful, I got my tattoo many years ago and although I have forgotten the pain I do remember the nervousness that consumes you when you first hear that "zap!" Before I decided... READ MORE

Ink Free - Nashville, TN

As many of us do... I made a rash decision to get a tattoo (or two). Which turned out to be too large and too much of a visible reminder of an event I didn't need reminding of. I wanted an ink free body again and I started searching tattoo removal specialists. Dr. Wendel's practice came up in my... READ MORE

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