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Neck, collarbone and shoulder tattoo removal.

Hello!! I got my first tattoo when I was 18yo, 7 years ago. It was a small cross on the back of my neck and it was a matching tattoo with my best friend at the time. Even though it was was visible a when my hair was up, I still liked it. Since then I've gotten, 4 more tattoos. It wasn't until I... READ MORE

39 Years Old Mother of Two Boys - Ottawa, ON

Hi I'm 39 years old and didn't have any tattoos tell i turned 34. Got one small one, then my two years later couldn't count how many.... One thing I have to say is most of them do mean alot to me. But my last one is so bad that I'm so depressed, and I even don't want to go out with out it... READ MORE

One Giant Mistake - Dallas, TX

I've had a couple consults and decided to do my removal. I did this when I was young and dumb and have been hiding it for over 8 years. I'm so scared and nervous and anxious but I'm tired of hiding and ready to get removed. I dream of wearing tank tops and sundresses in the open without... READ MORE

The Effect of 3 Kids on a Stomach Tat is Less Than Sexy :D - Jacksonville, NC

I really enjoyed this tattoo (a tribute to my mom) until I started up the baby factory :) When I got it (in 2006), I was warned that the area would stretch out if I had kids. At the time, I didn't plan to procreate...EVER. Hahaha, my how time changes us... In any event, I don't get anxiety or... READ MORE

Cover Up Didn't Cover Up So Much... - Johnson City, TN

So, I've been encouraged/nervous/hopeful/grossed-out by everyone's posts! :-) I'm looking into get one of my tattoo's removed (first consultation is tomorrow). I figured I might as well start tracking my journey now! I first got the tattoo (which was a small, quarter-sized tribal bird) about... READ MORE

Getting my First Tattoo - New York, NY

My name is Emily. I’m 31, married and I have two children. It’s been 3 days since I got my first tattoo. I was excited right before I got it but as soon as it was done my nightmare began. I feel embarrassed and ashamed even writing this. I know it was my decision to get a tattoo and I tho... READ MORE

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