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Rosary Hand Tattoo That Has Ruined my Life! - Atlanta, GA

When I was a little girl I got burned on my hand by the iron, the mark was always noticeable on my hand and when I got of aged I wanted to cover it with a tattoo. The tattoo artist I went to did a horrible job, so a few months later I got it recovered which I liked it better now, but I think... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal at PureLite in Strood Kent - Not Recommended, Dreadful Experience. - Strood, Kent UK

I visited PureLite in Strood, Kent for a tattoo removal treatment on a visible black and grey tattoo that I was unhappy with. I initially had a consultation with Ranjeet, the laser operator, and we discussed all the necessary details and I read over the literature provided. I decided to have a... READ MORE

Branded. Fayetteville, NC

I had a small tattoo - went for removal. I now have what looks like a severe burn. They switched lasers three times - worse botch job ever. Think twice before going here for tattoo removal- the end result will be worse than the tattoo. I was told after the 2nd session that the first laser was... READ MORE

2 Yrs Post Late Stage Tattoo Removal~Give Yourself Time (And Be Realistic)

Ok, so I don't even know where to start. I guess I will start out by thanking everyone on here for their stories. I discovered this website a few months ago at about my 6th session into laser tattoo removal. Seeing your stories and words of advice has helped me and now I would like to be able to... READ MORE

Bad Results -Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hi, I did 10 Qyag laser sessions to remove a tattoo on my shoulder. After 1 year of the last procedure, my skin looks like it was burned and is raised. I'm afraid this will never get better. Is there any treatment for this? The clinic was a big one in Sao Paulo but I think the last session... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Burns - Orlando

I have several tattoos starting at my ankle and going down to my foot. I am on my 7th session and see some results but not enough to be impressed about. But the worst thing has been the blood blisters. The worst one was on the top of my foot that I got after the second session. It stood almost... READ MORE

Don't Go Here if You Want Tattoos Removed. Fayetteville, NC

I went to this office to have a tattoo removed. I was told I would meet with the doctor but a young man (who I think is the doctor's son) saw me instead. The session hurt like heck but as I learned later was because it wa some wrong. The burns from the laser were so severe, it took almost 1... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal but Left Me with Hypertrophic Scarring

I had a tattoo on my arm removed. I grew out of it. I had 2 laser treatments to burn the skin deep enough so the remaining ink could be picked out. The tat is gone but now i have a big hypertrophic scar where the tat was. Now instead of tattoo removal I have to get scar removal and buy silicone... READ MORE

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