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The Journey Begins: Tattoo Removal Nova Scotia, NS

At my place of work (a professional office), my tattoos have always been a bone of contention. I've always needed to wear long-sleeved shirts to keep them covered. It's been really inconvenient, especially in the heat of summer, or during pregnancy. I was approached recently, to see if the... READ MORE

Blue cover up tattoo needs partial removal -Montclair, NJ

Ok first off let me start by saying if you have a small tattoo and don't like it, think twice about getting a cover up - this was my mistake. I had a small black tattoo on my ankle that was done very poorly when I was in college, instead of paying a lot of money for laser I figured a cover up... READ MORE

- Queen

This is a picture from after 1 treatment.I was told it would fade the ink blues greens, red, and black will go. Can't remember what lazer but it was okay. 2010 . The tattoo was only 8months itself i hated it after i got it. :-(. So iv been waiting 2years hiding this tattoo from friends... READ MORE

Just Started Laser Removal for Tattoos - Milwaukee, WI

I went in for a consult and they were able to begin that day. Renee was very nice and explained the process thoroughly. She also explained that sometimes the older tattoos are the hardest to get rid of despite what others claim. My tattoo on my ankle is done in light blues and since this tattoo... READ MORE

6 Treatments and Still Going - Sugar Land, TX

I am getting a 10 year old tattoo removed with the Aztanza laser, which supposedly is the only one that removes green and blue ink. It has faded substantially but is not completely gone. I'm really hoping this tattoo will go away. I just purchase 3 more sessions. My skin is scarring (discoloring... READ MORE

Results Were So-so. Tattoo is Gone but the Skin Doesn't Look "Normal"

Overall, I'm not happy with the way the skin looks where there used to be a tattoo, but at least the tattoo is gone. I had a black tattoo removed. The laser depigmented my skin (luckily I have very fair skin, but it was still noticeably blue-tinted from the lack of melanin). My laser tech kept... READ MORE

Large tattoo

I just started this tattoo almost 3 months ago. It wasn't an impulsive decision at all, I had been wanting a ocean themed tattoo for years but couldn't afford it until recently. About 2 months after initially starting the tattoo i started to regret it. I just started feeling it was too big,... READ MORE

Laser Q-Switch SINON - my Journey with my Colorful Tattoo Removal on my Wrist - Poland, EU

Hello all of you! I have been reading all your posts about your tattoo removal processes and I decided to give it a try myself. I have a wrist tattoo which is blue, green and yellow and of course black. The rose is not bad looking I just really hate having anything on my skin, especially in... READ MORE

After having about 10 laser sessions at one place - Tattoo Removal - Auckland, New Zealand

After having about 10 laser sessions at one place I found out there were actually different lasers so I did some research. The place I 1st went to apparently has a bad reputation. When I got it done at the original place my stomach and foot would swell(where the tattoos are), have heaps of blood... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal - Buffalo, NY

Hello, I am writing to inquire about laser tattoo removal. I have a partial half sleeve of an owl in a tree with a moon and night's sky behind it, and in addition to that I also have a puzzle piece in the same area. I am writing because I feel completely hopeless and I am trying to remain... READ MORE

Medlite C6 Tattoo Removal - Black Lines Turned Red After Treatment

I am currently getting a relatively-large 5 month old tattoo removed with the Medlite C6 from conbio. The tattoo is mostly black / gray and has some slate-blue highlights.I am actually getting another smaller tattoo treated, which is why it was easy just to do a test area on the newer tattoo. I... READ MORE

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