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Big Black Mess

Hello everybody long time lurker here. I am going to be starting removal and I'm looking for advice. I have a full sleeve of mainly black ink I'm going to be chipping away at. There's a relatively new skin care clinic here that offered me 4 sessions for 1500 dollars. I'm a little iffy on it as... READ MORE

Regret Black and Grey Upper Arm Tattoo

2 month ago I got my Tattoo on my upper arm. Since that moment I've been regretting this so much. Now I'm thinking about to get a tattoo removal. I went to my first consultation at "Tattoo X" in munich. They told me that I have a good chance that my tattoo will fade COMPLETELY with several... READ MORE

Tribal Tattoo Removal/Lightening for Cover Up - Scotland, GB

I wasnt going to leave a review on here about my treatment I have had carried out on a tribal tattoo I got at 16 years old but seeing the results that people here are getting i felt i should. The tattoo had been recoloured so was a dense black tattoo. I have had 2 treatments. On my first... READ MORE

Tattoo Regret, I feel terrible

I had a tattoo on my lower arm 2weeks ago. I massively regret it. I can't accept what I've done. It doesn't suit me. It's too big, and difficult to hide. Im embarrassed and driving myself mad thinking about it. I have being to see about laser removal . Whilst the lady I saw was lovely and... READ MORE

27 Year Old with 3 Month Tattoo Regret - Lisbon, Portugal

Hi! I have been reading this site for a few weeks now and now have finally decided to share my story. Back in the beginning of April me and 2 other friends decided to get some ink, i already have 3 really small tattoos i had done in 2014 and i love them. The tattoo artist is someone I've known... READ MORE

Black Tribal Tatto - Santiago, MN

Hi everyone , well im very depressant with this tribal, i heard that dense tattos like tribals are hard to remove :( , can anyone tell me wich laser would be the best option for this tatto please , thanks alot to everyone who answer :( how many sessions would i need for remove 100% this tribal ,... READ MORE

Test Spot, Major Skin Damage - Brighton, MI

My goal: to get some of the black lightened up. And normal lighting conditions it's way too dark and black blobish. I had a test done last night, to get an idea of the pain before I make my appointment. From all the videos I watched, the treatment is fairly quick. But in my experience last night... READ MORE

Multi Color Tattoo Removal - Dallas, TX

I have considered laser tattoo removal for a while. My hesitation was not the cost or the pain, it was that even though I don't want that tattoo or any tattoo, the quality of it was pretty good, so it at least had that going for it. I did not want to have a blurry half removed tattoo with... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal - Bristol, FL

I've started my laser tattoo removal journey end of October 2013. I've got 4 tattoos I'm having lasered off. Young and silly not thinking long term what I wanted! I'm also having two other tattoo redone with cover ups! So I'm having 8 sessions at Sk:n clinic in bristol. The black laser hurt... READ MORE

More Time Between Sessions Reduces Costs, Scarring and Improves Long Term Appearance - Chicago, IL

Started tattoo removal 3/2012 with a second treatment 5/2012 and a third treatment 7/2012. Equipment at the Medical Center was not working for 9/2012 treatment and doctor didn't call back. I also became lazy to follow-up. Amazingly, tattoo is still fading beautifully. Save your money and give... READ MORE

Depressed Young Woman in Desperate Need of Large Tattoo Removal

I spent months saving and prepping for what was going to be a beautiful amazing chest piece. I am covered in many other tattoos that I will proudly wear to my grave, (half of them were impluse) but I have cried every day since I got home from the tattoo and I cannot look at myself in the mirror... READ MORE

Still Going - New York, NY

I started ttoo removal one year ago. The tattoo is a dense 3'' black tattoo above my left knee. I am only 6 treatments in but feel very anxious and restless to see substantial results. I first though the 8 sessions of picosure would do the trick but the medical director is thinking now closer to... READ MORE

Large tattoo

I just started this tattoo almost 3 months ago. It wasn't an impulsive decision at all, I had been wanting a ocean themed tattoo for years but couldn't afford it until recently. About 2 months after initially starting the tattoo i started to regret it. I just started feeling it was too big,... READ MORE

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