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Eyebrow/cosmetic Tattoo Removal - London

I had my eyebrows tattooed this May and I do not like them at all (I didn't even go back for my touch up). I have given myself time to 'adjust' to them but I still do not like them as they look too fake on me. I am wondering if anyone in the London (I am based in Ealing) area had their... READ MORE

Two Week Old Tattoo.. Already Hate It. Want to Get Lasered for a Cover Up. - Boston, MA

Hi guys, Two weeks ago I went with a few friends to a tattoo place around here. I had a design in mind that I wanted and I went for it on a whim because the artist offered me a discount. I felt apprehensive about it because he kept trying to change my ideas but I went through with it anyway. Now... READ MORE

1 Year Old Wrist Tattoo and 28 Days Old Ankle Tattoo - Singapore, SG

Hello, this is my first review! I've schedule my first laser on the 21st feb for my 2 tattoos. Both are black, but the ankle infinity tattoo has a little white for the 2d effect. I'm so so so depressed over my tattoo. I really hate it now. I didn't listen to my bf to not getting it. I went... READ MORE

Tattoo Regret and Depression!! - Ontario, CA

Hi I'm 23 years old I got my first tattoo 5 days ago and I already regret it :( ive never felt so angry at myself why did I do this to my body its a big tattoo on my right shoulder. also done by an "amateur" another reason to be more angry at myself :( ive been crying non stop I dont feel... READ MORE

My journey to erase a big, ugly mistake. We may not have time machines, but at least we have lasers. - Detroit, MI

Let me start by saying that I have several tattoos, including a half-sleeve and a large tattoo on the opposite arm. I love all my other work and show them off with pride. For the past five years, I've thought about getting a black panther tattoo on my outer left thigh (there's a story behind... READ MORE

Lasering for a Coverup. I Just Want my Piece of Mind Back. - Kentucky, KY

I've been struggling with BDD and anorexia nervosa since I was 12 years old, and this 2 month old tattoo has robbed me of all the strength I had pushed myself to build up. Immediately after having it done, after having begged for this tattoo for my birthday and spending months choosing the... READ MORE


Hi all, I recently became 18 late last year and like many others, I decided to get a tattoo as soon as possible. I wasn't really sure of what I actually wanted to be inked into my skin for (hopefully not) the rest of my life and where about I wanted to get it done at. Although I did have a... READ MORE

Moved to Picosure Section

After talking with my family and mentor I have decided my forearm tattoo has to go. It is more than two years old now and was a mistake from the start. The meaning has good intention but I should have never placed it where it I did and thought about my future more (specifically my career). I am... READ MORE

Glad I Found This Discussion!! - Ontario, CA

It's interesting reading everyone's story ... I got two black tattoos, they look like mendhi, on the backs of my hands two years ago. within a few months I realized I'd made a mistake ... it's just too much to have them on a part of my body I can't hide. I have three other tattoos that I am... READ MORE

Major Regret After Only 2 Weeks - Toronto, ON

It's been 2 weeks since I made the mistake. It wasn't a quick decision - I had consulted and sat on it for over 6 months. I really thought about it, yet am paralyzed now with regret. I have gone in for 2 consultations thus far and have 3 more over the next 3 days. I have booked a tentative date... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal of Four Tattoos - Kutztown, PA

I am in less than two months starting my first treatment on my stomach/chest. I have 4 tattoos all large but the one on my arm is the biggest most detailed. I am hoping for complete removal on all my tattoos and its just a nerve wrecking situation that I have to deal with. I understand I have to... READ MORE

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