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Finally Removing My Tattoo After 9 Years of Regret!!! - Dallas, TX

I originally got a small "tramp stamp" my sophomore year of college when my roommates and myself played hookey from school and somehow ended up at a scummy tattoo parlor. The artist's work was very poor to say the least and my small tattoo was etched so deep it is basically very thick scar... READ MORE

Q Switch Lazer Tattoo Removal Journey. Canberra, AU

I'm new to writing blog posts to this site but I plan to keep this as a little online journal of my lazer removal journey.... Long story short got a coverup which I regret and am unhappy about. Around 5th of March was when I got the cover up, waited just under 2 months before going through... READ MORE

Change of Mind About New Tattoo - Rozelle, AU

I'm a 31 year old and had always toyed with the idea of tattoos my whole, adolescent life, so after a trip to Hawaii I took the plunge and got a tattoo in my hone country, Australia. My first tattoo was of a pineapple that had the word Aloha written underneath. Spurred by the rush of the 1st... READ MORE

Eliminink on Neck Tattoo - Alexandria, LA

So, basically I am trying to leave for the U.S. Air Force as soon as possible and obviously, their tattoo regulations prohibit neck tattoo's. (Wish I could slap 16 year old me! What was I thinking?!) My tattoo is about 4 years old, had some fading from constantly being in the sun, while being a... READ MORE

The Long Journey To Total Removal - Toronto, ON

Hi everyone, the same or a similar story than everyone else here. Made the mistake of doing a huge tattoo on my leg, not the artists' fault but my own for not thinking ahead, and now I can't imagine myself at 40-50 walking on the beach with my children with this thing on my leg. I have a couple... READ MORE

Half Sleeve Removal in Parts - Valletta, Malta

I've got the lower part of my arm in various colours, I'm a week after my first treatment on the first section. The laser used was the RevLite SI by Cynosure and for this first treatment the colours treated were Black (very dense) and red. The first treatment went well probably about 10x6 cm... READ MORE

The First Step in a Long Process! Surrey, BC

Two days ago I had my first treatment in what I know will be a long, brutal journey; yet it is something that I just have to do. I've lied to myself for too long and put up with what was an INCREDIBLY stupid decision I made in my late teen years. My tattoo is all black, raised slightly in one... READ MORE

30 Year Old- Female with Ink Regrets. Time to "Revamp my Stamp" - Bonita Springs, FL

***UPDATE-HAVING TROUBLE UPLOADING PHOTOS-WILL POST SOON**** In your 30's casual decisions you made in your teens/twenties tend to look a whole lot different, and that's IF you can see them. Point in case my "tramp stamp". I never really see it, I honestly forgot about it. So it didn't exactly... READ MORE

1st Picosure Treatment on 15 Year Old Tattoo, Majority Green/bluish

I've been waiting for technology like Picosure to remove an old mistake. It was painful on the parts that weren't numb (they injected me with something I forgot the name to) but other than that no pain. Pictures are before, after and 6 hours later. I bruised around the bottom where the bandages... READ MORE

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