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The Journey to Get the Dragon off my Back - Oslo, Norway

I got the tattoo when I was 18 years old (the summer of 2003) when I had just graduated. I was young and got the tattoo for all the wrong reasons. Never hated the tattoo, but never loved it either. I have looked into getting it removed many times, but never believed that it would work and... READ MORE

"Large Colorful Tattoo Removal on Back with Picosure Laser" - Edmonton, AB

Okay, so I had just undergone tattoo removal with the picosure laser. I would like to say that this laser was not painful to me at all, it felt like a little sting, and although my tattoo is pretty big, it only took about 10 minutes for my first session. This is my before and after picture of my... READ MORE

My Tattoo Removal - 13 treatments so far!

Immediately after getting my tattoo and taking the bandage off I knew I hated it and it wasn't me. I didn't rush out and get it. I thought about it for a long time. But unfortunately I didn't end up loving it the way I thought I would. It's been almost a year and a half since I got it. I... READ MORE

Picosure and Enlighten

This was actually done 2/14/15 but it wouldn't let me change the date that far back. My first treatment was done with Picosure. I didn't feel much pain at all. It sure did blister though. I got on giant water blister that popped a few days later. It as HUGE. There was very minimal change... READ MORE

Tramp Stamp and Other - Campbellton

I got my first tattoo done in Montreal, QC I think I was in my very early thirties. I got a tribal symbol it was the thing back then I got one that went along my back. A couple years later I go back to my home town and go see the only tattoo artist there, it takes a year to get an appointment... READ MORE

Amazing Results from First Treatment of Tattoo Removal - Gold Coast, AU

I had my first treatment of tattoo removal at Advanced Tattoo Removal on the Gold Coast of Australia. I treated a tattoo on my foot which was easy & not painful. I also treated a tattoo on my back which definitely hurt more. I had the shading on my back done as I hated it & wanted to... READ MORE

6th PicoSure Tx (15 q-switch Tx's) on arms & 4th PicoSure Tx on Shoulder

Yesterday I completed my first session of laser removal. In total, Im having three tattoos removed. Two of the tattoos being removed are on my arms, and the third, is on my back. I must say, I'm a little disappointed after my first session. I know this is going to be a process. And I know that... READ MORE

I Have a Huge Tattoo and I Hate It - Fort Collins, CO

I just recently got a big tattoo in February and I thought after some time I would like it but with time I'm bring it more and more. It's lowered my self esteem to the center of the earth and it was supposed to be a brother sister tattoo. Thankfully he hasn't done his yet. I have had two... READ MORE

A Really BIG Mistake - Jacksonville, FL

Hi, Well long story short I was young and dumb and I got a really huge tattoo. I didn't like the small one I had on my back so I end up covering it up. Then I kept adding and addding and ended up making it so big that it wrapped all the way around me. I have a large, very black tattoo, but... READ MORE

Possible Tattoo Removal? - North Carolina

I got this tattoo as soon as I turned 18 because I thought I was going to be totally badass and now I'm not sure if it's something I want on me forever. I was hoping I could get other people's results and what lasers they used and just some opinions. It's almost 2 years old. I want to keep the... READ MORE

I Look Cluttered - Want to Be More Feminine - Portland, OR

Right off the bat, i work at a tattoo shop (just cleaning/scheduling/etc... not doing tats), i have lots of tattoos, and i've always liked them. I had an idea for a small tattoo, and when one of the artists had a free day, i went ahead and had him put it on me. it was just going to be a small... READ MORE

Whole Back Tattoo Removal and Removal of Tattoo on Breast - New Zealand

My back was fully tattooed when I was 17 years old. I was a rebellious teenager and couldn't be told 'DONT' (actually I think that still stands lol). After having children and eventually growing up and starting a career I knew I wasn't that person anymore and wanted the tattoo gone. I... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - First Treatment: Aestheticare MedSpa, Leawood, KS. Two ~4" Tattoos Seeking Full Removal - Leawood, KS

The blue tattoo is 18 years old, and the red tattoo is 17 years old. Both were starting to fade, and I figured that I had to either touch them up or remove them. After meeting with Judy Sanders at Aestheticare in Leawood, KS about laser removal, I felt that 4-6 treatments at $150 per tattoo... READ MORE

Big Tattoo, Big Regret

I have probably spent about $3,200 on my 7 treatments at Blink Tattoo removal so far. I have a very large tattoo that I desperately need gone. It is an outline of a tree that covers almost my whole back. After I got the outline (which took 4 hours) I panicked and cancelled my next appointment. I... READ MORE

Beginning Tattoo Removal - Los Angeles, CA

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I have 3 tattoos. My first was on my lower back of a very small ( 1 inch) crescent moon outline. ( i got 13 years ago) My second was of a 4 by 2 inch fairy on my pelvic Bone ( hidden) ( 11 years ago) and my last is of 3 tiny ( non outlined) turquoise stars... READ MORE

More Time Between Sessions Reduces Costs, Scarring and Improves Long Term Appearance - Chicago, IL

Started tattoo removal 3/2012 with a second treatment 5/2012 and a third treatment 7/2012. Equipment at the Medical Center was not working for 9/2012 treatment and doctor didn't call back. I also became lazy to follow-up. Amazingly, tattoo is still fading beautifully. Save your money and give... READ MORE

Determined to Erase a HUGE Mistake - Monroeville, PA

Everyone warned me that it would be best to start out small. Instead of heeding these wise words of wisdom, I went ahead and got this unsightly tattoo. I wanted angel wings, and after the artist completed the outline of the left wing (which takes up an enormous portion of the left side of my... READ MORE

Sacrifice for a Better Cause - New Jersey

I am a 22 year old female. I have dreamed of joining the military since my junior year in high school. I put off the idea of joining the service to explore my options because i let everyone talk me out of following my dream. I went to college for two years and i began working with children that... READ MORE

Removing a Newly Done Large Upper Back Tattoo, Black Ink - Louisville, KY

I just got this done for my 17th birthday, and I am mortified by the results. It's going to be very hard for me to get around to lasering it off since my mom is very upset that I begged for this tattoo and already want it off. It's going to be hard to afford. Can anyone offer me any... READ MORE

Removing my 12 Year Old Wings. - Ohio

Session 1/Day 1. My tattoo is located on my upper back and is of wings. I received it around 11 years prior, so it was rather faded. THANKFULLY! I have been wanting to get the tattoo removed for some time, just never went through with it. When my boyfriend began suggesting we get married... READ MORE

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