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picosure 3 tattoos ankle and back black ink - Anchorage, AK

I had a hard time finding reviews that related to my situation so I wanted to post my progress on here. I just had my first PicoSure laser treatment on 7/28/16. Owl: Lower inner left leg, tattoo 3 years old, Intenz tattoo ink. Chinese symbol: Upper back, 7 year old tattoo, ink known... READ MORE

Tattoo Cover-up Regret

Hello. English is not my native language but I will try to write properly. I had ankle bracelet done 15 years ago. It went horrible, too deep and I can feel it as well. I had cover up 2 years ago but first tattoo is still visible and I dont like this new one either, I regret this tattoos so much... READ MORE

2 Tattoos Removed; Still in Progress; Ring Tat on Finger and Tat on Ankle - Norwalk, CT

The first tattoo I had removed was the I on my left hand finger. I got it when I was 20 yrs old, married to the wrong person. Then we thankfully got divorced; I had it about 4-5 years. It was a date, black and very dark& noticeable. About 5 treatments of laser removal and it's completely gone!... READ MORE

20yr Old Ankle Wrap Tattoo Removed by Picosure Laser - Peachtree City, GA

I am hoping to update this review as the laser treatments go on. Had first laser treatment 11 days ago, lower leg is still swollen. On ankle wraps they can only do one side at a time due to swelling and safety issues, so I had the inner portion done. I was scheduled for the other side on... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal X 2 Alex Laser. Rapid City, SD

I'm 37, I have two tattoos and hate them both. Left ankle I got a peace sign with a rose at age 16; had it redone for more color at age 20. For at least 10 years it's been a faded blob. Right ankle I got a dolphin at age 18. I've disliked them for some time, and even tried to remove the peace... READ MORE

Q Switch Laser. Ontario, CA

I got this horrid bamboo tattoo in Thailand. I think he was as drunk as I was. I just did second treatment tonight with q-switch. It didn't even blister of hurt much the first time. This time since turning up the level of bled just a bit. I will post pic again once it heals. I had not used... READ MORE

Ankle and Neck Tattoo Removal -Atlanta, GA

So I have a few tattoos.. I would like to get them all off but becuase it is so costly I decided to remove the ones I dislike most... that would be stars on my neck I got about 5 years ago and a toast on my ankle I got about 9 months ago.. (don't ask). I have had the toast lasered once already... READ MORE

8 Treatments with NaturaLase Q Switched 2J YAG Laser - Las Vegas, NV

Had several mistakes that I acquired as the result of being a rebellious teenager and thinking I was sooooo cool being the only chick in high school with a tattoo, then getting a few more, finally stopping at age 19. My tattoos are all small and inconspicuous, however, I still wanted them gone.... READ MORE

Largeish Colorful Cover-up Tattoo on Ankle, Had Consult Today for Removal... - Minneapolis, MN

Hi all, About 7 years ago I got a small tattoo as a sudden decision on my right ankle. I didn't like it, so after many years I got it covered up. Cover up was much larger than I had anticipated. Now I have a bigger, brighter colorful tattoo that I don't like and I see it whenever I wear shorts,... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal. 1st Treatment. - Metairie, LA

Went to rose dermatology in Metairie, la. The worst part was the multiple injections of the numbing stuff. I think she did 4 syringes into my ankle which was probably around 20 injections. Then she used a machine to I guess open my pores and then moved into the machine that actually zaps the ink... READ MORE

Black Ankle Tattoo Removal - Appleton, WI

I previously completed 5 q-switched yag sessions, and today I completed my first PicoSure at Hotchandani Laser, Vein and Cosmetic Surgery Center. I was not satisfied with the treatments I was receiving with the q-switched laser, so I opted for another clinic and was thrilled that I found a... READ MORE

Removing Black Tattoo from Ankle -Winter Park, FL

This is the original tattoo. A professionally done all black tattoo on the outside of my right ankle. It is suppose to be my zodiac sign (scorpio). Many people thought it was an area code (116). Ok, so like everybody thought it was an area code. lol Well I regretted this tattoo right away for... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal - Sevierville, TN

So I didn't really set out to put this out on the web until I found this website. That is why there is not before photos.This is my quest to have a very large tribal band on my right ankle removed I got this tattoo about 12 years ago. Over the past few years I've just grown to hate it more and... READ MORE

I Thought That is What I Wanted. - Singapore

Hi I am Grace from Singapore. For the longest time in my life i wanted to get a tattoo. i am 32 this year. Not sure if i hated it or i am not used to it. I had it on my ankle in an anklet design, had it on feb 9 2014. Nowaday i kept looking at other's people legs and they are "clean" . Is... READ MORE

Butterfly Ankle Tattoo Removal - Atlanta, GA

I have an ankle tattoo of a butterfly (about 1 square inch). I started laser treatment in August of 2011. I completed five treatments at one clinic through September 2012. After that, I switched clinics and have completed three treatments there (last one was on 4/9/13). So eight total treatments... READ MORE

Ankle Tattoo Removal

I started tattoo removal on 1/31/13 in attempt to erase an impulsive decision I made 15 years ago. I never really thought about what I wanted to I ended up with a red scorpion that everyone thinks is a lobster. I hate it and have wanted it gone for about 14.5 years! My first treatment was... READ MORE

Just Started Laser Removal for Tattoos - Milwaukee, WI

I went in for a consult and they were able to begin that day. Renee was very nice and explained the process thoroughly. She also explained that sometimes the older tattoos are the hardest to get rid of despite what others claim. My tattoo on my ankle is done in light blues and since this tattoo... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal on Ankle

I have a fairly small tigger tattoo on my ankle that I have had for approximately 10 years. The colors were dark black outline with dark reddish/orange body and white belly. I am having it laser removed.I have completed my 1st session and there was very little pain. The Dr. injected the sight... READ MORE

TCA Peel Tattoo Removal

I have a small star on my ankle and decided to remove it using the peel since it would cost less. Its been 3 days since i applied it. It wasnt that painful and i left it on for about 6 minutes. Since then it has turned brownish and seems like it will start to peel at any moment. READ MORE

Fresh Tattoo, Serious Regret - Texas

New ankle tattoo, laser or excision? I just can't love it :( Any advice? I would like it completely gone, no more ink for me. This was a lesson learned. It's black and very fine lines, I'm hoping this makes it a good candidate for complete removal either way. I'd prefer excision but I don't... READ MORE

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