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Tattoo Removal on Neck

Now that I'm getting up there in age (late 30's) I decided that my neck tattoo no longer reflected who I've become over the years. Thankfully, I found Dr Silberzweig and I'm beginning to feel like the REAL me. This is an update to an older review I uploaded. Photos are from before the start of... READ MORE

Very Large Chest Tattoo Mess- 30yr Old Female, Calgary Ab Canada

Hey everyone- I'm new to this site. I'll start with my difficult journey this far. I was young blah blah blah and got a big chest piece done that I ended up hating immediately after getting it. I lived with it for 3 years before deciding I would attempt to have it covered. I did my research and... READ MORE

44 Year Old with MASSIVE Regret on my Arm. - San Antonio, TX

I am at the dermatologist office right now awaiting a consult for a tattoo to be removed that I just received on Saturday. I cannot say enough about how disgusted, depressed, humiliated I feel right now. I had an existing tree on my arm that I just wanted to have some color added to. Went to the... READ MORE

New Tattoo and I Can't Stop Feeling Depressed and Lost. Help Me :(

Ugh, I don't know what the hell came over me. I turned 40 in October and had one tiny unicorn tattoo on my lower stomach.. literally and inch big that I wanted to cover up. Love unicorns but the tattoo was hideous. I considered removing it but went with the cover up. I also had on my side by... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal X 2 Alex Laser. Rapid City, SD

I'm 37, I have two tattoos and hate them both. Left ankle I got a peace sign with a rose at age 16; had it redone for more color at age 20. For at least 10 years it's been a faded blob. Right ankle I got a dolphin at age 18. I've disliked them for some time, and even tried to remove the peace... READ MORE

39 Years Old Mother of Two Boys - Ottawa, ON

Hi I'm 39 years old and didn't have any tattoos tell i turned 34. Got one small one, then my two years later couldn't count how many.... One thing I have to say is most of them do mean alot to me. But my last one is so bad that I'm so depressed, and I even don't want to go out with out it... READ MORE


Hi everyone, I have my tattoo for 2 years now and since November 2015 I decided to remove it because I don't like it . Now I'm on my 4th laser removal. The doctor thinks I need 10 sessions with Q switched laser but I think that I need more sessions. What do you think about it ? It's not painful... READ MORE

Biggest Regret /mistake in my Entire Life, but Will Seek Help and Fix This. - Toronto, ON

I just turned 37 few weeks ago, have been dreaming of having a tattoo on my body, always envious with people having ink on their body. In the past year I saw a few artist with my own idea, but turned away due to design and placement wasn't exactly I had in mind. Until last week, I found an... READ MORE

Two Old Tattoos Removal with Nd-yag and Picoway

Hello, First of all, excuse me for my English, I am from Europe. I think it is about time I introduce myself. The last two and a half years I have been reading a lot on real self regarding tattoo removal. All of your stories really helped me keeping my sanity in this process! Thank you for... READ MORE

18 Years of Regret :(

Hi. When I was 16 I stupidly woke up one morning and went to the tattoo shop. I didn't give any thought to what I was doing and just picked an image that I thought was cool and got tattooed. It is a black panther and it's on my breast (apprx 3 inches by 1.5 inches in size). For the first... READ MORE

38yrs Old, - Dublin, Ireland

Got the tattoo because it was in fashion at the time.Was about 22/23 at the I'd rather not have it.fingers crossed it vanish's completely.was told it would take about 10 hurt another.costed about € in for next session next week.will post another photo after skin h... READ MORE

40 Year Old That Does Not Want Her Tattoos Anymore. Honolulu, HI

He is great! I have been going to him for 15+ years. He has been removing my tattoos and doing little thing along the way. Botox fillers.... I live on the mainland now so when I go home he does it. They are almost gone with NO scar. I adore him! I'm bringing a friend of mine from the mainland to... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Female - Lone Tree, CO

I had a tattoo of my ex's name on me ( I know I know something you should never do, but I did.....Dr Ort and his Aesthetician explained in detail to me the procedure, and answered the many questions I had, and thecost of these treatments were very reasonable. I have just had my last session and... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Needed an Old Tattoo Removed - Phoenix, AZ

Paradise Valley Dermatolgy is amazing! They use the new Pico machine for tattoo removal and my tattoo is almost gone just after a few visits. I have also had chemical peels and an IPL photo facial there as well. My face had so many brown spots and Kathy had my skin looking radiant and no brown... READ MORE

Breast Tattoo Removal

I am a 38 year old black professional. I had a tatto done when I was in my early twentys. The entire tatto is about the size of a 50 cent piece. I have had it lasered twice. It was outlined in black, the rose red, and the two small pea size green petals. The color has faded tremendously, and... READ MORE

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