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My Laser Removal Story

I considered laser removal for years on a tattoo on my upper arm which I regretted getting about one year after I had it done. I was apprehensive of laser removal for many reasons: cost, pain, questionable effectiveness, etc. Recently a local spa/salon was offering a promotion for a free session... READ MORE

2 Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions Completed Already

2 laser tattoo removal sessions completed already. Seond time around I got bad blistering and got an infection which lead to abcesses which lead to scarring including the major keloid scar you see. Now I have to get that fixed. Still going to continue with laser tattoo removal sessions, just... READ MORE

A Dream Becomes a Nightmare but the End is in Sight - Hawaii, HI

I live in a place where hand tattooes are culturally acceptable if not expected. I began the tattoo journey years ago with the help of a trusted artist. I always wanted to add to the tattoo, it was stunning and so unique. I went back to the trusted artist, we discussed for an extensive amount of... READ MORE

Q-Switch Q Yag 5 on 3 Yr Tattoo, Amateur Tattoo - Orange, CA

So I have hated this tattoo 10 minutes after getting it done, I was 17 yrs old me & friends went to get tattoos and I couldn't back out (without parents consent). Now I'm 20 yrs old and I can't stand looking at it, I literally have to wear shirts that go all the way up to my neck. I have... READ MORE

59 Yoa Female in Need of Tatoo Removal - San Diego, CA

Pico-sure laser removal had been recommended because of the color intense tattoo wanted removed. Tattoo was in the inside forearm of my dominant hand. 1. Attempted to discuss pain management prior to the procedure and the Dr. carelessly chuckled "Of all the questions I've been asked, none has... READ MORE

Removing a Large "Cover Up of a Cover Up"! in Burlington, WA

I've had a tattoo on my left forearm for over ten years that my wife never liked. Recently she gave me the green light to get it covered up. The brother of my co-worker owns a tattoo shop nearby, and he offered to do it fairly cheaply. Unfortunately, I got what I paid for! He did the outline (an... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal at PureLite in Strood Kent - Not Recommended, Dreadful Experience. - Strood, Kent UK

I visited PureLite in Strood, Kent for a tattoo removal treatment on a visible black and grey tattoo that I was unhappy with. I initially had a consultation with Ranjeet, the laser operator, and we discussed all the necessary details and I read over the literature provided. I decided to have a... READ MORE

My Little Tattoo-Removal Journey - Munich, DE

First I want to say thank you for all your reviews and for this wonderfull Website! It helped me so much! I´m from germany, you can´t find tat-removal-reviews there... Sorry for my bad english. :( But i feel like I need to share my experiences with you. I think it´s important to know, there ar... READ MORE

Butterfly removal on foot

Reading some of the reviews on here makes me feel that i am not the only one this is happening to! And that others understand the emotional truma an unwanted tattoo can cause. I had a heart cover up with a butterfly 3 weeks ago today.... I loved it the second it was finished but once the penny... READ MORE

3 Week Old Tattoo - Removing Through Q-Switched NDYag Laser - Doha, Qatar

So after vigorously researching and inquiring with several doctors, I have decided to start the removal process of my 3 week old tattoo. This website has been extremely helpful, thanks to the doctors who have responded to my questions. I was initially torn in between the Picosure and Q Switched... READ MORE

2 Yrs Post Late Stage Tattoo Removal~Give Yourself Time (And Be Realistic)

Ok, so I don't even know where to start. I guess I will start out by thanking everyone on here for their stories. I discovered this website a few months ago at about my 6th session into laser tattoo removal. Seeing your stories and words of advice has helped me and now I would like to be able to... READ MORE


I would highly recommend RenovoMD for a tattoo removal procedure. The staff is friendly and helpful. They make you feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. The office is clean, inviting and beautiful! The tattoo removal procedure is quick and easy. I applied numbing cream 1 hour prior... READ MORE

"Previous Owner of an Awful Tattoo!"

Incredibly neat cut - much better result than I ever anticipated. I didn't feel a thing during the procedure itself, and Dr Nassab really put me at ease throughout. Great aftercare advice too re reducing the risk of scarring. I can finally wear the clothes that I always dreamed of wearing!... READ MORE

Neck Tattoo Removal Overdue - Metairie, LA

Contrary to popular belief laser tattoo removal is painless with numbing. I experienced my first treatment today at Rose Dermatology in Metairie and it was a success. The only uncomfortable part was the injections for the numbing and it was painful if your ok with getting shots. The laser... READ MORE

Tattoo Vanish Removal Method -Perth, Western Australia

I posted this in reply to another users question but thought I would create a new review so everyone could see it. I had one treatment of it so far. As JD 29 said the tattoo is basically tattooed over with a tattoo gun with no ink this is to break up the ink particles (tattoos are not... READ MORE

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