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Wrist Tattoo Removal - London, GB

I'm currently starting to remove a medium-sized teenage mistake on my wrist! I've purchased 5 sessions of laser removal at Pulse Light Clinic (City Tattoo Removal) in London. (Although I was told I would need 8 - 10 sessions) The laser used to remove the black areas of my tattoo is Q-Switched... READ MORE

Black Tattoo Removal - Italy, IT

I started my tattoo removal in 2012 , its almost a year since than and i still dont see a lot of improvement. I loved my tattoo but i had to remove it since im trying to get a job in the middle east . I had 5 sessions until now , but the 5th one i did it at another clinic since i didnt see so... READ MORE

Metal Poisoning~Laser Tattoo Removal - Philadelphia, PA

Hey Guys, Again I am new here to this website. I just wanted to share w/ everyone out there my findings/research, as I have been going through laser tatt removal for about 1 1/2 years now, and honestly, I have been researching about it the whole time too! I have had 6 sessions TOTAL (I took 3... READ MORE

Tattoo Vanish Removal Method -Perth, Western Australia

I posted this in reply to another users question but thought I would create a new review so everyone could see it. I had one treatment of it so far. As JD 29 said the tattoo is basically tattooed over with a tattoo gun with no ink this is to break up the ink particles (tattoos are not... READ MORE

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