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2 months post-op + Tattoo Removal

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I Removed My Only Tattoo by Excision - Vancouver, BC

I always thought tattoos were cool and because I've gone through so much these past few years....I thought I'd get a tattoo. I admit that I did not think this one through. It was an impulsive tattoo. I still love tattoos, but maybe not on myself. The tattoo is a cherry blossom branch wrapped... READ MORE

Final Stages of Inner Bicep Tattoo Removal

I'm not sure what my motivation was behind getting a tattoo. I think it must have been mostly due to the fact to the fact I thought they looked 'cool', if done well and in the right location. I opted to have something tattoo'd inside my bicep, as it felt like it wouldn't be too overstated, and... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Knuckles - Great Britain

I don't hate the tattoo, but I have come to hate the negative attention I've experienced because of it and it does concern me how it might affect me as I get older and not being able to conceal it whatsoever. So I've decided to get it lasered at SK:N clinic in Manchester Uk. It's costing me... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal - Yag Q-Switched Medlite / Picosure - Washington, D.C.

Hi all! This is my first review on here and I really thank all of you first of all because this is where I came when I was looking into getting my three ugly ass tattoos removed. So far I have had two laser tattoo removal treatments using a Medlite Q-switched Yag laser. I live in the Washington,... READ MORE

Tatt Away

I have now had 4 ..painful treatments. :( really unpleasant makes you really think about getting another tattoo. oh and to mention the tattoo im removing cost me 80$ at a fort myers beach (florida) tattoo parlor when i was 18 this wasnt some scratched tattoo in a basement, but none the less... READ MORE

My Tattoo Removal Journey -

I have a 16 year old black tattoo on my lower back that over the years haven't liked, I finally started laser tattoo removal in November, it was suggested I share my journey so here I am! Here is a picture of my tattoo 4 weeks after the first session, you can see some lightening around the... READ MORE

Slowly but surely? - New York, NY

I have a roughly 4x6 inch tattoo covering my lower right ankle. I dont love it. I dont hate it. If it had to be there the rest of my life it wouldnt bother me, but Ive started making a decent living, had the extra money, and would prefer it wasnt there. I went to Dr Rand in NYC. He was very... READ MORE

Phoenix Tattoo - Houston, TX

I had been looking for somewhere to get rid of my 20 year old tattoo for a while and finally decided to take the plunge. Inkfree is a great place, they are very knowledgeable and professional. It does hurt a lot, but they have a numbing cream that makes a huge difference. Very happy with my results! READ MORE

23 Years Old - Bellmore, NY

My motivation to have my tattoo removed was so I can go into the coast guard. The machine that was used was the top of the line. I had other treatments elsewhere but it just wasn't working. This machine did the trick. I would recommend this office. The staff is great and friendly but very... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Methuen Ma

This is my story..when i was 22 yrs old I got a tattoo of my son name on the side of my 2003 i had breast Reduction..The surgeon that did the procedure told me he might have to remove my tattoo which i was ok with it cause i could replace my tattoo in the future..when i woke up from... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Female - Lone Tree, CO

I had a tattoo of my ex's name on me ( I know I know something you should never do, but I did.....Dr Ort and his Aesthetician explained in detail to me the procedure, and answered the many questions I had, and thecost of these treatments were very reasonable. I have just had my last session and... READ MORE

Large, Muti-color (W/ Large Orange, Green, Yellow) Tattoo Removal - Austin, TX

Amazing work by Brandon. The picosure laser is all it is cracked up to be. My very large (and very ugly) tattoo with exceptional color has almost completely disappeared after just 3 treatments.There was no scabbing or broken skin. It did blister but this is normal I think. 1 more treatment to... READ MORE

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