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1 year post-op + Tattoo Removal

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Full sleeve.

Full sleeve tattoo removal. I started getting tattoos at the age of 16, by a friend of mine ! Worse decision I've made in my life, IT'S ON MY LOWER ARM!! Worst place possible, I don't know what to do I been trying to remove it since I was 17. And I'm only 19! I really need a miracle, I can't... READ MORE

My Tattoo Removal - Houston, TX

I started my process June of 2012. I have had 6 treatments to date. I dread every upcoming treatment - I won't lie - it hurts like the dickens to have the lazer treatment done. I've heard people say it feels like rubber bands being snapped repeatedly, which is true, except that the rubber bands... READ MORE

Hopefully Not Far from the End! - United Kingdom

My tattoo removal process started in December 2013, I got the tattoo done when i was 17 in early 2007. Ive always never particularly liked it but for the two years previous to starting removal i've hated it. Anyway now I'm 8 sessions in, i feel a lot more positive about it. Its a great feeling... READ MORE

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