1 week post-op + Tattoo Removal

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I'm Embarrassed to go Swimming with my Sons

I got the two tattoos pictured below about 15 years ago. The Inca one on my back is a cover up for a shoddy Celtic Band I had done. The detail on the Inca one is great but on its own it looks silly, and I'm not going to get a whole shoulder/sleeve done as I want them both off. I've had my first... READ MORE

Trying to Get Rid of This Horrible Tattoo - Parkland, Florida

So I got this hideous tattoo when I was 17.. Smh. My first mistake!! Anyhow I have been attempting to have it removed at a local med spa but I am not convinced that the laser is working. I previously had a tattoo removed on my arm at another facility but it is far away so rather than go back to... READ MORE

7month Old Tattoo Regretted It As Soon As I Got It - Beverly Hills, CA

Had one treatment with a qswitch November 15th. And then just had a picosure on the 18th of January. I'm want to remove it fully I have another appointment on March 15 hopefully the pic sure will get rid of this thing once and for all I feel like after my first one I'm getting scars already wish... READ MORE

I Got a Tattoo a Week Ago, and Im Instantly Regetting It? Should I Picosure or Do Excision?

Hello, Im not the type to usually write these type of things but before you say it was a life decision you really should of thought about it. I did, ive been wanting flowers on my forearm for about a year now and really thought about the design i wanted. Im from winnipeg, but was visiting my... READ MORE

TAT-B-GONE (Picosure) with Q-switch Revlite --Sterling Heights, MI

So I successfully removed a neck tattoo in the past with no scarring using the Q switch laser and lately I tried a pico sure treatment on her wrist tattoo and cause hyperpigmentation but settling down now colors returning by feel like it's too intense of a laser for olive skin I'm half... READ MORE

Eliminink Wrist Tattoo Removal - Alexandria, LA

I started the Eliminink tattoo removal for a tattoo on my wrist on Tuesday, July 5, 2016. Today has made a week since I had my first session and the majority of the scan has already fallen off. While the tattoo is still there, there is definitely a great deal of fading. The pictures start with... READ MORE

Tattoo No Moor - Aventura, FL

After being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21, life takes on a whole different perspective. I got this tattoo after my treatments were done as a sentimental break through in life. Cancer wasn't my only battle at the time, but even a more deeper tribulation I will not elaborate here. LoL.... READ MORE

First Treatment to Remove Little Black Dandelion Seeds from my Neck - Oklahoma City, OK

The procedure was painful but I really want these off. The price is by area. It is raised and red after 1 week with slight itchiness. A doctor did not perform it just the technician. I go back April 26 for the 2nd laser treatment. The laser is a QC ??? Something not pico. Hopefully this will... READ MORE

Sad Lady with a Gooey Arm :( - Manchester, GB

So ive had 10 sessions done with a laser (from 3 different people). My first 7 treatments were done by a lovely lady, very professional. I stopped going to her as i just wasnt seeing fast enough results and was getting impatient :(. Treatments 8 and 9 were carried out by a different lady, saw... READ MORE

Beginning Removal of my Almost New Tattoo - United States

My tattoo removal journey is about to begin. I have had a small test spot done and am pretty happy with the results. The procedure was quick, however, it was painful but bearable. I had numbing cream and cool-air throughout the procedure. Healing was quick, just 7 days. No blisters, almost no... READ MORE

3rd Laser Treatment on Neck Tattoo.. - Fresno, CA

Well I have had this huge black tattoo on my neck for 6 years and started getting laser treatments in 2012. On August 8th I got my 3rd treatment. I opted for the lidocaine shots cuz the pain is awful if you get a laser treatment on your neck. I'm a week out since my session and have no blisters... READ MORE

Removing Tattoos from When I Was 18-19yrs Old. - Dallas, TX

I wanted to remove these tattoos because I am completely embarrassed by them. They did not turn out the way I wanted them to. I am 25yrs old now. Its time to start over and erase that part of my body so I can feel more comfortable in my own skin :) . My husband is deployed and i plan to have... READ MORE


I went to see Dr.Wu for my first tattoo removal session last week! He and his assistant Antonio were excellent! They were both. We knowledgeable and professional. The procedure itself was painless and quick! I would definitely recommend Dr.Wu to anyone looking for tattoo removal! READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - Nashville, TN

I started my ankle tattoo removal not knowing what to expect but I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. I have been in the best care with Taylor performing the laser procedures. Dr. Wendell's office is very clean and the staff is very kind and attentive to your needs so I would... READ MORE

32 Years Old Tattoo Removal - Palm Springs, FL

I recently had Dr. Navarro do laser tattoo removal on a dark tattoo that I was embarrassed of. He went over the tattoo perfectly. This was my first treatment and i already see that the tattoo has faded significantly. He is a wonderful plastic surgeon and he is knowledgeable in lasers! The cost... READ MORE

30 YEAR OLD TATTOOS, 9 Q Switched Sessions 3 Picosure So Far - London, GB

9 Sessions with the q switched laser had quite some affect though the results came to a stand still so I did some research into picosure an Im now three session into my treatment. I find the longer I leave between treatments the better the results, two to two an a half months. Though Only one... READ MORE

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