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1 month post-op + Tattoo Removal

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I started getting laser removal of my ex husbands name lucky me right. Well I'm starting to get frustrated because I've had my fourth session and it still has not gone it is right above my heart and I thought that supposed to be where it goes The most I understand that she likes to use a local... READ MORE

Tatto Removal in Process

I everyone, iam getting a tatto removal with Quanda Plus Laser, this are the results one month after first sesion, i will keep update the results. What do you think? If you have ever had this king of procedure, how many sesions do you think is gonna take to removed completely? Thanks God in... READ MORE

Going to the Army Need Tattoo Gone Immediately - Montgomery, AL

Tattoo around my wrist need to be removed. Military will not waive it. I go to a Medlife Spa in Montgomery Alabama. I have only had my first and second treatment so far and it's fading pretty quick. I'm not sure which laser he uses but I pay 200 per session and it is very much worth it. Not sure... READ MORE

22 Years Old with 3 Mistakes - Bronx, NY

I got this tattoo when I was 18. I was going through a lot because I just got kicked out and was really upset about that plus I was balancing that with college which was really hard plus I was working as a dancer supporting myself. I walked into a random ass tattoo shop down the road from me and... READ MORE

Immediate Tattoo Regret - Minneapolis, MN

I just turned 24 3 weeks ago. My birthday lands closely to my 1 1/2 years sober so I decided in celebration to get a tattoo I have wanted for years. I have spent the last two year looking on the Internet for pictures and ideas that closely matched what I was invisioning for my tattoo. I wanted... READ MORE

14 Year Old Mistake - Bridgewater, NJ

At 18 my best friend wanted to get a tattoo. She choose a combination of our initials and made the design herself. Via poor judgment I ended up with the exact same tattoo on just a little above and to the right of my pubis. I have regretted it deeply and been highly embarrassed anytime another... READ MORE

Aiming for Clean Skin Again - Sydney, AU

Hi guys, I have never done a blog thingy before so just bear with me. Ok so, I have 5 big tattoos I want gone. I understand it's going to be a slow process but I'm up for it! I have a full b&g sleeve, some letting on the top half of my stomach, a big coloured Lego men on my left thigh, cat... READ MORE

26 Yrs - Much Needed Eyebrow Tattoo Removal - Romania

I got my eyebrows done when I was 18 by someone who wasn't very good. For years I have been covering my tattoo with make-up and plucking my eyebrows to match the tattoo shape. Long story short it was a nightmare and I wanted to be done with it. Someone recommended a clinic in Bucharest, Romania... READ MORE

Tattoo Laser for a Year Now - Binghamton, NY

I got a tattoo a little over a year ago and immediately regretted it. I've had 7 treatments and the doctor told me it could take up to 20. I really shooting for full removal. It seems to keep fading after every one. I'm hoping in another year it will fade a lot more. Its a large piece on my... READ MORE

Multi Color Tattoo Removal - Dallas, TX

I have considered laser tattoo removal for a while. My hesitation was not the cost or the pain, it was that even though I don't want that tattoo or any tattoo, the quality of it was pretty good, so it at least had that going for it. I did not want to have a blurry half removed tattoo with... READ MORE

10/10 Tattoo Removal Experience - La Jolla, CA

Cosmetic Laser Dermatology is the place to go! I came in for a consult because I wanted to get a tattoo removed. As soon as I stepped into the office I felt very welcomed by their staff and was helped immediately. Dr. Wu is amazing! He is very knowledgeable and confident in his work. He answered... READ MORE

Two Unwanted Tattoos Removed in 45 Mins - Tunbridge Wells, GB

I recently visited the clinic for surgical tattoo removal. Amir and 2 assistants were so reassuring and made sure I knew everything that was going on. 1 month later my scar is fading rapidly as I was told and the aftercare I have received has been great! The staff at Bella Vuo are second to... READ MORE

30 Year Old- Female with Ink Regrets. Time to "Revamp my Stamp" - Bonita Springs, FL

***UPDATE-HAVING TROUBLE UPLOADING PHOTOS-WILL POST SOON**** In your 30's casual decisions you made in your teens/twenties tend to look a whole lot different, and that's IF you can see them. Point in case my "tramp stamp". I never really see it, I honestly forgot about it. So it didn't exactly... READ MORE

At Home Tattoo Removal W/ Remington Ipl6000

Slow but seeing results i unfortunately heal slow from smoking i have no definitive answer if this is right for you will be posting photo updates monthly slow but seeing results i unfortunately heal slow from smoking i have no definitive answer if this is right for you will be posting photo... READ MORE

I Absolutely Love the Outcome! - New York

I went to see Dr. Orentreich, to get my tattoo removed! Foolish as I was at the age of 16 I got a tattoo done on my wrist. Due to work issues I had to remove it, since I was not able to cover it up. The procedure was done at his office! Everyone was so nice. You walk in and feel like home!... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - West Palm Beach, FL

Hey I had a tattoo removal session like three weeks ago at first everything was fine everything happen that the doctore said was going to happen.....But then like 5 days ago I started noticing bumps started to form on my tattoo now they pop but pus wont stop coming out and its been a couple of dayss READ MORE

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