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1 day post-op + Tattoo Removal

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Tattoo Vanish - California, CA

I have a very large tattoo outline that I am trying to get removed. It will probably take over a year to finish, so I'm taking it slow. I want to see how my skin reacts to treatments. I've decided to try the tattoo vanish removal process. Here's my story! This is one day after the... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal on Wrist...

So, I thought it would be a fab idea to get my partners name on my wrist with a cute butterfly, as we are getting married in January so not just a quick fling! Problem is, I didn't put enough thought into the design and I let the tattooist rush me into it..... Now, I want it gone. Not because... READ MORE

Trying to Get It off - Argentina, AR

Hey guys! I'm from Argentina! My english is not the best but i really wanted to share this with you! I started a remove treatment for my tatto, i really hate it, it make me so insecure by the beach or in intimate relations.. However here the doctors don't have the best lasers so i have started... READ MORE

Microblading Need Advice -Chicago, IL

I didn't my research buy I wish I had taken a few more steps. I wish I had walked in with my eyebrows done they way I do them and then have her do the measurements and tweak what needed to be tweaked instead I had her do the measurements to see what they would look like, she did it and I have... READ MORE

Huge Mistake Slowly Being Erased - Exeter, GB

After living with this monstrosity for the best part of a decade I finally took the plunge a year ago and started laser treatment. Had 2 sessions at one place, her attitude made me feel uncomfortable so looked around and found somewhere where I feel totally at ease. im starting to feel a weight... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal- First Treatment. 14 More to Go. - New York

After doing a little research on real self, Yelp and Google, I decided to make an appointment at Tataway in NYC, for picosure laser to remove a tattoo I've had for the past 20 years on my right boob of a Scorpio. The day of the appt I arrived 20 min late but the ladies there were friendly and... READ MORE

Removing a Large "Cover Up of a Cover Up"! in Burlington, WA

I've had a tattoo on my left forearm for over ten years that my wife never liked. Recently she gave me the green light to get it covered up. The brother of my co-worker owns a tattoo shop nearby, and he offered to do it fairly cheaply. Unfortunately, I got what I paid for! He did the outline (an... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal 6 Months After Getting It - Kamloops, BC

I'm 20 years old and got this tattoo done at the end of the summer, not much planning and scheduled it as soon as i could. Immediately after i was a little unhappy because of how dark it was and how high it was on my stomach, the eye looks distorted when i move my body certain ways. and i... READ MORE

- Queen

This is a picture from after 1 treatment.I was told it would fade the ink blues greens, red, and black will go. Can't remember what lazer but it was okay. 2010 . The tattoo was only 8months itself i hated it after i got it. :-(. So iv been waiting 2years hiding this tattoo from friends... READ MORE

32 Years Old, Multiple Tattoos, the Neck One is my Only Regret - Akron, OH

My motivation is basically that I'm just not the kind of person that should have a neck tattoo, not that I'm putting down anyone with, I have had multiple people tell me, " wow, I never would of thought you would have a neck tattoo". Aside from all that, it really gives me a lot of social... READ MORE

A full sleeve, a chest piece and a forearm walk into a bar... - Sherman Oaks, CA

Hi all- I have been scouring this site reading all of the reviews/input and it has been extremely helpful, so I decided to post about my first experience. I went to Dr. Tattoff in Sherman Oaks, CA for my first appointment yesterday. I am having 4 tattoos removed in total. A full sleeve (outline... READ MORE

Picosure Tattoo Removal - Sacramento, CA

I have had this tattoo for 20 years and I have hated it for the last 15. I have not thought about removing it before, instead I always wore long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves. Now with the new picosure laser I thought I would give it a try because it is supposed to take less treatments with less... READ MORE

Case of the Ex - East Lansing, MI

I decided to go to Local Tattoo in Lansing, MI to have my procedure done. Technician was very friendly and informative. Procedure feels like a rubber band snapping and sunburn!! The white "Will" in the pic is what happened after my session (it's normal). I will see the results in 6-8 weeks. I... READ MORE

Tattoo to go!

I got my tattoo about 8 years ago in Thailand using the traditional method of a long bamboo stick instead of tattoo gun. I really didn't put any thought into what I wanted and definitely didn't research the artist. I lived with it without really giving it much thought until one day I decided to... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal on Wrist - Fayetteville, NC

Stephanie was very kind and informative about the procedure. I will definitely follow up with the appointments necessary to complete this process. The processes will take multiple visits and she explained it thoroughly and answered all my questions. I was very comfortable. The office is very... READ MORE

Tattoo Has to Go - Las Vegas, NV

While trying to save first marriage I tattooed my arm with our names in bouquet of roses, didn't help marriage still dissolved. I went to a parlor to have black banner added to cover our names. Since then met and married the most wonderful woman alive and her only request was the removal of the... READ MORE

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