Wrist + Tattoo Removal

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How Long to Wait to Get Tattoo Removed?

I have a fairly new tattoo, and I was wondering, do I need to wait about a year or 6 months to have it removed? Also in the meantime, can I use a... READ MORE

Number of Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions on Wrist?

I have a new all black small ankh on my wrist. I was wondering, how many laser tattoo removal sessions would it take to get rid of this tattoo? I was... READ MORE

Both my Wrists Are Tattooed, I Want a Surgical Excision, is There Help for Me? (photo)

My left wrist tattoo, the sun, is about two years old. My right wrist, the flowers, is only about a year old. Is there any chance to be able to have... READ MORE

Excision to Remove a Tattoo?

I'm African American, and I have a small all black ankh tattoo on my wrist. Can an excision remove it? Would it also be best just to have excision, as... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Cost - Light-Skinned African American?

I just got a tattoo about 3weeks ago and I am now looking to get it removed.My tattoo was professionally done in black ink,on my wrist its about 21/2... READ MORE

Can You Excise a Tattoo on the Bottom Side of Your Wrist, That is 3 Sq Inches Big?

If so can it be all be done at one time or will it require 2 stages ? and if loss of motor function of the hand a possibility? READ MORE

Small Fish Tattoo on Wrist, Can I Get Excision? (photo)

I got this and I dont regret it, but the religious aspect is keeping me from getting jobs, Would love a one time excision over the laser option, Opinions? READ MORE

Good Candidate for Tattoo Excision? (photo)

I have a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch tattoo on my wrist but I don't know if this part of the body is a good place for excision because of the veins and... READ MORE

Heavy Wrist Cover Up Tattoo Removal? (photo)

Hi, probably i have the worst cover up ever… It’s on my wrist. Under the “heart” is some of red, blue and black ink… It’s about 3 -1 month old (It was... READ MORE

Small Tattoo on Wrist Laser Removal? (photo)

I got a tattoo about 6 months ago and I'm really not too fond of it, I don't dislike the meaning but I don't like that it's on my wrist. I figure it's... READ MORE

8 Laser Sessions on my Tattoos but Hardly Any Result? (photo)

Hello all, I've got a tattoo on my wrist and one on my belly. On my wrist I had 8 laser removal sessions. This tattoo is about 11-12years old n the... READ MORE

Does my Tattoo Removal Progress Look Good So Far? (photo)

I am currently undergoing tattoo removal on two star tattoos, located on my wrists. They are blue, pink and black. My doctor is using a Quanta Q-Plus... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal on my Wrist?

I recently got a tattoo on my wrist, its still healing, but healing well. I now wish i had not got the tattoo done. is it possible to remote on my... READ MORE

Wrist Tattoo Excision Candidate?

I have a round tattoo on my wrist and I've already tried with laser treatments but they didn't work at all. My question is: is it possible to excise a... READ MORE

How many treatment do I need if I'm using a picosure? (Photo)

I have 2 inch tattoo on my wrist black and its just a layout and my wrist are just small and thin and likely new fresh tattoo so by chance can i get a... READ MORE

Have I ruined my chances for laser?

I got a new tattoo a 3 days ago. Black ink/wrist. I panicked so much with regret, I started rubbing lemon juice, salt &then baking soda into the... READ MORE

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