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How Many Treatments Will It Take to Get Rid of a New Tattoo on my Neck and It is All Black

I have got a new tattoo on my neck and I would like to know if anyone has had a new tattoo removed by laser and how many treatments might it take as... READ MORE

How Many Treatments Would You Imagine it Taking to Remove this Black Tattoo? (photo)

I have a a large all black tattoo on my upper arm which I wish to have removed. I was told that exercise significantly aids the process of tattoo... READ MORE

can you wear makeup over your tattoo (such as dermablend) in between treatments

Im going for my tattoo removal at the end of this month (3 fist sized black and grey roses going down my arm). In the meantime i want to wear makeup... READ MORE

Is the Ruby Laser the most effective laser treatment to remove my tattoo? (photo)

Hi, [Had to shorten question a lot] I found a very professional looking clinic in my home town. (Cambridge. UK) Today, I was expecting to be zapped... READ MORE

Is this tattoo removal scarring? (photo)

I had one treatment of tattoo removal and now that the scabs are coming off my skin is "shiny" and lighter colored. Is this scarring? Red areas turned... READ MORE

how many tattoo removal treatments are needed to get sufficient fading for a cover up? (photo)

How many treatments would i need to fade this tattoo to a point where its not that visible or enough where i can get a cover up tattoo?...the shading... READ MORE

How many treatments would it take to get rid of the black, green & red ink? I''m looking for full removal (photos)

I have a 6 month old mainly black ink tattoo, inside the rose is mainly black shading but also has some red highlighted with orange, the stems have... READ MORE

Does tattoo fade naturally after treatments?

If I make a couple treatments and the tattoo fades a bit, will it fade naturally until it's gone if I get sunbathing? READ MORE

I got a new tattoo on my forearm last week and was wondering when I could start the removal process. (Photo)

I got a new tattoo last week and I can't stand it (to the point where I feel sick.) How long should I wait before I start the process of removing it?... READ MORE

How many treatments would this take? 2 tattoos (photos)

Just wanting an estimate as to how long these tattoos would take and the cost. READ MORE

Will permanent makeup that turned black ever go away with more laser treatments?

I've been at two appointments to remove my permanent makeup lipliner, it turned grey the first time. I waited for six weeks, and then had treatment... READ MORE

Can laser treatment for tattoo removal alter blood tests?

Hello, I want to start treatment removal of my tattoo, but in a few months will make a series of medical tests. I read that Picosure removes tattoo... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal (under 18)?

I am a 16 year old African-American. i have a bible verse tattoo on this inside of my forearm. it starts from the top of my forearm to the bottom, i... READ MORE

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