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How Long Do I Have to Wait Before Having my Second Laser Tattoo Removal?

Last week i had my first laser tattoo removal session and a friend of mine went to a different place for her first session aswell. Our tattoos are... READ MORE

How Soon After You Have a Tattoo Done Can You Get It Lasered off

My tattoo is under my left ear and down my neck it is a tribal cross 3inches long by a inch and a half about the size of a credit card I wish now not... READ MORE

What Can Remove a Tattoo Besides Laser?

I got a new tattoo (less than a week ago) on my left shoulder it's all black and 1cm wide and 5 inches long, though came out wrong. I want to know... READ MORE

I Just Got a Tattoo Done on my Shoulder Going Down my Arm. Leopard Spots, How Much Will It Cost Me to Remove Them? (photo)

I Just had a tattoo done maybe about a week ago but i hate it i was so depressed and didnt feel like doing anything, its maybe like 30 big black... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal on my Wrist?

I recently got a tattoo on my wrist, its still healing, but healing well. I now wish i had not got the tattoo done. is it possible to remote on my... READ MORE

How Long After a New Tattoo Before It Can Be Removed? The Tattoo is 9 Days Old. (photo)

I am very regretful of what i have done and angry with myself. In my head because its new the quicker I get this started the better is this true? The... READ MORE

4 Day Old Tattoo Outline Removal. (photo)

Hi, i just got this tattoo four days ago.. It is only the first session and i regret it deeply.. I emailed a doctor and he said that i will have to... READ MORE

What's the Minimum Time That I Need to Wait Before I Can Start Removing a Fresh Tattoo?

I just got my tattoo done a day ago,and it is not at all what i wanted ,can any one tall my how log do i have to wait to start removing it,and if any... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal in 3 Months? (photo)

Hi i need to remove a tatto in 3 months because i just a got a job for an airline and visible tattoo are a NO NO... the tat is all black and 5 years... READ MORE

Age To Get Tatto Removed?

I just got a tattoo and im really regretting it now. I got it last night. How soon can it be removed and for what price? Its on my rib cage and i say... READ MORE

2.5 year old tattoo faded a lot, and I want it removed. Which laser and how many treatments? (Photo)

I have a tattoo of a long stem daisy inside my right upper arm. It was very dark initially and has faded a lot. I want to get it removed, and I know... READ MORE

How long will it take to notice a fade in my tattoos after Ruby Laser treatments?

Hello, I have two tattoos on my chest area one on the right side and the other on the left side. they are about 1x 5x each. I have my first treatment... READ MORE

I have five square inch deep solid black tattoo. How long to remove?

I was told anywhere from five to ten or more treatments does that sound right? READ MORE

Can someone give me a timeline of how long I must wait before removing an all black small (1.25" x .333") tattoo? (Photo)

Can someone give me a timeline of how long I must wait before removing it? I just got a tattoo on my inner finger today and I am hating it so much... READ MORE

How many sessions of laser removal would it take to remove or even lighten a tattoo to be redone with another tiger? (Photo)

Tattoo is located on the upper left pictorial it is around 15cm in height and 7cm in width the colours vary in green yellow black and orange the... READ MORE

Is It Easier to Remove a Tattoo the Earlier You Do It?

Example: once you get a tattoo is it easier to get rid of it if you try and take it off weeks or months of getting it? READ MORE

Tattoo Excision (no laser removal): who, what, where, and when? (Photo)

Hi, This tattoo is approx 4 sq in and is on my wrist. I don't care about getting a scar after excision. I don't want to spend tons of $ on laser... READ MORE

When is It Really Advisable to Get a Cover Up Tattoo After Laser Treatment Begins?

There seems to be many varying accounts about how soon after laser tattoo treatment a cover up can begin. Some people say 6-8weeks some 3 months some... READ MORE

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