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How long after laser tattoo removal can a tattoo cover up be performed?

I am going to get a couple laser sessions to lighten a tattoo before having it covered up with another tattoo. I was just wondering how long after the... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Get a Laser Tattoo Removal if I've Been Using Fadeplex, a Fading Cream?

I have been using the tattoo lightening cream called Fadeplex to fade my tattoo. I am now interested in treating my tattoo with laser tattoo removal.... READ MORE

How Long to Wait Between Laser Treatments for Tattoo Removal?

I have a tattoo on my right thigh, it's about 9 yrs old and 4inches long. I had my first laser treatment about 5 weeks ago. I really don't see a huge... READ MORE

Wait Time Between Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions?

I know that there is a minimum wait time between laser tattoo removal sessions that are about 4-6 weeks usually. However, I wanted to know if I could... READ MORE

Is There an Optimal Waiting Period Between Tattoo Laser Removal Sessions? (photo)

Upon scheduling my 2nd appt I was asked if I wanted to wait 4, 6, or 8 wks. I'm guessing this is just a formality for those confined by the financial... READ MORE

How soon is too soon to seek laser scar treatment after tattoo removal with Tatt2away?

I have a full sleeve tattoo. I wanted to remove a large portion of it on my forearm to make room for a cover up. I had 4 laser treatments with Picoway... READ MORE

How long and how many treatments do you think it will take to remove my tattoo? What method would you suggest? (photo)

This tattoo is consuming my life.. please someone help me ! I want to know how long would this roughly take to remove ? I'm willing to do anything and... READ MORE

Can I leave a couple of months between laser tattoo removal sessions?

Hello, I really want a tattoo removed that is causing me a lot of anxiety. It is quite big and I have been told it could take around 20 sessions at... READ MORE

How many sessions would it take to remove this palm tattoo? (Photo)

How many sessions would it take to remove this Palm tattoo? READ MORE

How long I should wait after wisdom tooth removal (4) before scheduling my next laser tattoo removal session?

Wisdom teeth extraction was on 5/23/16, this will be my 4th laser treatment with a Q Switched laser located on my rib cage. READ MORE

How many sessions will it take to remove my tattoo with Cutera Enlighten? (Photo)

I tend to form keloids from acne, is this a possible risk when using the Enlighten? READ MORE

i have planned this tattoo for years but I immediately regretted it. Is it treatable? (Photo)

I have to wait a few more weeks so it can be at least 6 weeks old--currently it's only 4 days. it's all black ink, very thin line work except for some... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to get this tattoo removed? (Photo)

I want to know how long I should wait to get the tattoo removed, I just got it this week. Is it going to take long for it to be removed since it's... READ MORE

Tattoo removal- dermatologist recommended I come every 6 weeks. I was thinking of coming every 12 weeks. Thoughts? (Photo)

I'm getting a tattoo lightened for a coverup. My dermatologist said I can come every six weeks, but I worry that's too soon and may lead to scarring.... READ MORE

If I were to get a new tattoo while getting one removed on another part of my body, would that slow down the removal process?

If I were to get a new tattoo while getting one removed on another part of my body, would that slow down the removal process? READ MORE

How long do I have to wait until I can get a tattoo removed? (Photo)

I got matching tattoo done a few days ago with my husband. But I just discovered he was been cheating all this time. I would like it gone as soon as... READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Wait Following Laser Tattoo Removal Before I Can Go on Accutane?

I had my last tattoo removal treatment on Friday, there was some spotting blood and now it is calmer and scabbed. How long must I wait before I can... READ MORE

How soon after the semi permanent eyebrow tattooing can I do the laser removal?

I want to know if laser removal of semi permanent eyebrow tattoo dark brown colour can be done and what would be the cost and how soon after the... READ MORE

Aside from perhaps costing less in the long run, how else will leaving longer between laser tattoo removal sessions benefit me?

I've heard that re-treating an area too early on could in fact harm the microphages doing the removal work, thus prolonging the process. Any truth to... READ MORE

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