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Best Tattoo Removal

When i was younger this tattoo was cute. now i hate it and want to remove it. whats the best way? READ MORE

Tatt2Away - Tattoo Removal, Any Thoughts on this Treatment Option?

With recent research, I have stumbled upon a procedure that has originated in the UK for removing tattoos. The product is Tatt2Away and it is a cream... READ MORE

New Technology Better Than Laser For Tattoo Removal?

Hi, please take a look... what do You think, it is realy new technology? TES: Tattoo eraser system? I´d like to share with everything what I found ... READ MORE

What is the Best Tattoo Removal Laser for Lightening Green and Blue Colored Ink?

I am undergoing laser tattoo removal for a large, bright, multi-colored tattoo. I've been for a few sessions, & am seeing decent results on the... READ MORE

What is the Best Tattoo Removal on the Market Now for Minimal Scarring and Pain?

I've seen some online videos that look too good to be true. The local tattoo removal place in our city uses the Astanza Trinity. is this the best... READ MORE

Removing tattoos with bioplasma or Plex(e)r?

I contacted a doctor to tell me about removing a tattoo with the technique of bioplasma. It 'a scam? Damages the skin? basically told me that it takes... READ MORE

Nd:YAG or SINON Ruby Laser to Remove Eyebrow Tattoo?

Hi! Should I choose Nd:YAG or SINON ruby laser to remove my plain brown permanent makeup eyebrows? I haven't had sun exposure on my skin so it is pale... READ MORE

Can You Please Name Best Tattoo Lasers What Are Good with All Colors (Dont Name Revlite Si)?

Please name some of the best what you think. Need fastest and most effective ones. Thank you READ MORE

I'm going in for an R20 treatment. Would like to know some more info to be sure my technician will be doing the right thing?

I know what it consists in an the basics but would like to know some more information. How's the aproach with the R20 protocol for someone like me who... READ MORE

Best method for black tattoo removal? (Photo)

Hello, I have a 10 year old tattoo I would like removed. Looking for somewhere around Toronto or Ottawa. Any suggestions for the best method for... READ MORE

What would be the best method of removal of a tattoo? (Photo)

I got a tattoo almost a month ago on the inside of my left ankle and the artist used way too much ink and it ended up looking like a black blob. This... READ MORE

Question About Laser (MedArt 740)?

I am going to remove professionaly done tattoos with such laser but i dont find it anywhere. Can any doctor recomend it? READ MORE

Could I get some of the tattoo cut out or excised and the rest lasered? (photo)

I know ive heard alot of people say that if a dark skin person african american has color in a tattoo that it could be hard to impossible to get it... READ MORE

Which tattoo removal technique should I use to completely remove a multiple colored tattoo? (Photos)

I have 3 tattoos I would like removed how much would it cost? Colors (green blue black white) READ MORE

Why such unanimity in pushing laser tattoo removal when there are other methods available?

I have been met with the same type of responses that I have seen everywhere given to people searching for an alternative to laser removal: "what... READ MORE

I recently read about waterjet-cutting for tattoo removal. Does this work? (photos)

I have a big colored tattoo, containing all colors like maroon, blue, green, red, purple, yellow and of course black. Since lasers can not guarantee... READ MORE

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