Swollen + Tattoo Removal

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2 Weeks After Laser Tattoo Removal and Still Swollen?

I had my third laser session on my ankle 2 weeks ago and am still experiencing swelling. I had blistering but now the area is just bloody. On my first... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Bumps After My Laser Treatment in the Process of Removal?

I went for a removal of my tattoos I undergo a laser treatment after few weeks it got swollen and result to bumps....how do I clear the swollen bumps?... READ MORE

Extremely itchy after tattoo removal, lotions and creams are not working. What can you suggest to give me some relief?

Just over a week ago I got my first session of laser tattoo removal over three rather large sites on both of my forearms and my left hand. Everything... READ MORE

I have had tattoo laser removal 2 days ago and heard that it always results in blistering. Any suggestions?

However, although the area is swollen it hasnt blistered or scabbed at all and I am a bit concerned about this as constantly read how after laser... READ MORE

After 4 sessions of laser tattoo removal--Candela ND Yag. (photos)

I had 4 session of laser tattoo removal and on my last session the tattoo is looking swollen, red and very sore. The last session was done 9 weeks ago... READ MORE

Strange side effect after one year of Tattoo Removal, what do I do about it? (photo)

Good day all, I have a medium size tattoo and from the second session with a different Doctor than the fist one my skin reacted very differently. It... READ MORE

Redness after eyebrows tattooed removal, is this normal? (photos)

I recently had eyebrows tattooed removal with medlite laser, and I'm very worried because after the first treatment I got today, the treated area... READ MORE

I had eyebrow laser tattoo removal yesterday at a laser and skin surgery center and my lids were swollen after (Photo)

I had 2 sessions the same day 30 mins apart using the piccosure or the lutronic ...is this normal I woke up the next morning ? READ MORE

What can I do for blisters after Laser Tattoo Removal? (photos)

I had my 5th laser tattoo removal treatment on Monday. (Now Saturday). It was more agonising than normal, my wrists were so swollen and I couldn't... READ MORE

Post Tattoo Removal Treatment. Is this "normal"?

I have had three tattoo removal sessions in 6 week intervals. The first two were performed by the same person, they went relatively fast giving two... READ MORE

Allergic reaction to laser tattoo removal? (Photo)

I had a double session w 2 diff lasers at a spa clinic. My first on a 8 weeks old tattoo 3 weeks ago. I had some blisters, red and swollen, went down,... READ MORE

Got my first laser tattoo removal session and now it look like it have a blister. What should I do? (photos)

I just got a very first laser tattoo removal this passed Tuesday (March 29,2016) and it was normal for a few hours (some swollen but better now) and... READ MORE

Are there any other options of getting rid of a tattoo other than laser removal? (photo)

I got this tattoo over a year ago. It seemed like it wasn't healing correctly, but nothing too serious as far as looking infected. Mainly, just stayed... READ MORE

Possible side effects post Pico tattoo tx. Swollen, itchy lymph nodes & sudden facial acne. What is happening? (Photos)

4th pico tx 8 days ago. Last 2x, tech injected lido, 1st 2 tx's were so painful. All times I have blistered terribly. Last 2 times, groin lymph nodes... READ MORE

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