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Tattoo Removal for Faded Green Tattoos?

I'm an African American with dark skin. I was tattooed with black ink , but since sun exposure, it has faded to dark green. I would like to know will... READ MORE

Retattooing over Excision Scar?

I am seeking a tattoo excision after healing process. I was wondering, can I re-tattoo over the scar? Below is the tattoo. READ MORE

Is Laser Tattoo Removal over Breast Implants Safe?

My tattoo is on the top part of my breast, how deep does the laser go? Is this known? I hate my tattoo (which is black but covers a small rose). I... READ MORE

Pink skin a week after tattoo removal? (photo)

Is it normal to have pinkish/white skin after scab has fallen off from tattoo removal? would this be considered hypopigmentation? and is it permanent?... READ MORE

Will this hyperpigmentation go away on my skin? (photo)

I did a q switched Italian laser on a tattoo I have on my side and the laser changed the color of my skin. I need to know of this is temporary or not. READ MORE

Tattoo removal question. (Photo)

I have this large tattoo on the forearm . I have had one laser treatment already.I know laser is the safest way to remove but having to deal with this... READ MORE

What laser tattoo removal laser is known to be the least risky in causing changes in skin color such as hypo pigmentation?

I am of Asian descent and am very concerned about going through with laser tattoo removal because of my ethnicity. Although, I don't have any keloid... READ MORE

Is it safe to get laser tattoo removal, if part of the tattoo is over the nipple?

In my case, my tattoo is not directly on my nipple, but literally right next to it which concerns me about my nipple's safety. Will my nipple have a... READ MORE

Tattoo removal: is it possible to completely remove this 1-year-old black tattoo? (Photo)

1 year ago i made these birds which are positioned on my stomach and i will start laser treatment with picosure at a good tattoo removal place. I'm... READ MORE

How much would it cost to have a small piece of skin removed? (photos)

So I have a tattoo on my sternum that for some reason came out very slightly crooked, which bothers me because it looks like it can be fixed easily by... READ MORE

My skin is really white after tattoo removal. Will it ever be the same? (Photo)

I feel like I have a white tattoo now instead of a blue one I feel like I'm no further forward than before I started treatment, can you help please READ MORE

How difficult would this tattoo be to remove? How many sessions? What's would be the average cost per session? (Photo)

I got this tattoo two years ago it's about 1/2" by 2" on my wrist. It is written in black ink. I have very light skin. How heard would this tattoo be... READ MORE

How can i get my normal skin? (photo)

I had done laser treatment in 2012 but my skin became swelling ..what treatment i'll supposed to do and make my skin normal..pliz suggest me READ MORE

Why don't some tattoo not come off?

I haven't done my tattoo removal yet, I'm light skin, not too light. And have great health I, run every day, left weights. The bad thing is I smoked... READ MORE

Why do I have this kind of skin - it's like it's inflated. (photos)

I did 8 seassions until now will my tattoo fade ? Will my skin be normal again ? READ MORE

Skin replacement surgery from failed tattoo removals?

My skin is damaged and severely scarred from tattoo removals. The scars are keloid and very raised. I have asked a question here and a doctor said I... READ MORE

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