Shoulder + Tattoo Removal

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What Can Remove a Tattoo Besides Laser?

I got a new tattoo (less than a week ago) on my left shoulder it's all black and 1cm wide and 5 inches long, though came out wrong. I want to know... READ MORE

Brown Spots on Skin After Laser? (photo)

Hello. Im removing my tatto. Its black and on my shoulder. He is using the Revolit laser tool, and Im on the 8- session. On the 6- session, I noticed... READ MORE

Best Laser Tattoo Removal Method?

I have two tattoos I'm going to remove in the near future. Both are big tattoos one on my arm is about 1-3 inches wide at some points and it... READ MORE

I Just Got a Tattoo Done on my Shoulder Going Down my Arm. Leopard Spots, How Much Will It Cost Me to Remove Them? (photo)

I Just had a tattoo done maybe about a week ago but i hate it i was so depressed and didnt feel like doing anything, its maybe like 30 big black... READ MORE

Got Burned from Laser Tattoo Removal .. Did It Turn Into Keloid Scar?

In june i got 2 of my tattoos removed by laser and i got both of them burned. the one on my shoulder seems healing nice but as the time pass it grows... READ MORE

Should I Get Laser Surgery or Excision Done for my Tattoo? (photo)

I have a medium sized tattoo on my back left shoulder and i would like to get it removed but im not sure which path to take. i have read up on both... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal on a New, Professional, "Grey" Tattoo?

Hey. Is it possible to remove a new professional tattoo? It is "grey". I mean, there is black outlines and filled with shading. I am very... READ MORE

Tattoo Excision - Does it Work?

I have a tattoo on back left shoulder that I would like removed. I feel that laser treatments will not get the results I need. Would excision be... READ MORE

Will Laser Tattoo Removal Work For Me? (photo)

After getting a "touch up" I was devastated. I saw another artist who did a lot to fix it and although it looks much better, I am not. I have realized... READ MORE

I have four tattoos on my shoulder and back I want removed completely. Is this possible? (photos)

They are about the size of a softball. Two is red ink on top of black and two is red all the way through. They are each about the size of a softball... READ MORE

Which laser is best for a black tattoo?

Hi, Considering a full tattoo removal. Wich laser is best on a black tattoo. Its place upper shoulder. Q-switchet Nd:YAG or Picosure ? And will it be... READ MORE

I'm 32 years old and have this tribel tattoo. What would you recommend for a removal? Would it cost me a fortune? (photos)

Silly boy when i was 21,now 32 hateing this thing. This tribel was done over 10 years ago.sone of the outline looks raised.towards my shoulder... READ MORE

Tattoo laser removal, location on body

Hi, I was wondering what the easiest spots to treat are (ie which locations on the body usually have the best results) with laser tattoo removal. I... READ MORE

Is surgery to remove a tattoo safe and quick? What are the pros/cons?

I have 4 softball sized roses on my shoulder/back I want removed. READ MORE

Is it possible to remove this tattoo? (Photo)

The tattoo is about 3 inch by 3 inch on my shoulder and is 15 yrs old. Can any type of laser fully remove it? I have a consult at a clinic using... READ MORE

Can I have Laser tattoo removal on dark skin with some scarring history? (photos)

Hi! I'm looking to get the below tattoo removed from my shoulder. I have some scarring related to thermal burns, deep scratches and laser hair removal... READ MORE

Professional tattoo removal?

I have a tattoo that I got in March, it's on my right arm/shoulder about 4"4 and it's all black and gray. I have been looking into the idea of laser... READ MORE

Any suggestions for black tribal tattoo removal!? (photos)

The day I got my tattoo I've regretted it its on my right shoulder and about 7 inches long across my shoulder. I really need it gone, I've been... READ MORE

Can This Tattoo Be Excised Without a Big Scarring? (photo)

I want this tattoo remove with excision because it's colourful,and also because it's lower price.It' about 3,5cm high,and 1 cm wide. As you can see I... READ MORE

Can this water color medium-sized tattoo be removed? (photo)

I just got this tattoo and am very disappointed with the result. I can't imagine living the rest of my life with it so I'm considering a laser removal... READ MORE

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