Second Round + Tattoo Removal

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Can You Get a Tattoo to Cover Up What's Left After Laser Tattoo Removal?

If you have a tattoo removed by laser, can you get tattooed in the same spot after treatment and healing? I hate my lower back tattoo but if i still... READ MORE

On Second Treatment of Laser Tattoo Removal and Im Starting to Notice Areas on the Black Ink Starting to Turn Brown?

On second treatment of laser tattoo removal and Im starting to notice areas on the black ink starting to turn brown, is this normal? READ MORE

I Am Losing Brow Hair After my Second Treatment of Laser Tattoo Removal, Very Scared?

I am on my second treatment of eyebrow tattoo removal with the medilite c6 laser and am loosing my brow hair. My doctor said the laser does not effect... READ MORE

2nd Laser Treatment Had Turned Eyebrow Tattoo Grey?

I had my 2nd laser treatment on my eyebrow tattoo 2 weeks ago and the ink had turned grey. What does this mean and is it still removable? READ MORE

2nd session of laser tattoo removal, bleeding and swelling? (Photos)

Hi, I had my second session of laser tattoo removal on Thursday and it was nothing like the first. The practitioner advised she had turned the... READ MORE

Can You Get a Tattoo Done over Top of Skin Where a Tattoo Was Laser Removed?

I have a tattoo on the back of my neck that i got done when I was 16 and the artist did not do a good job on it at all. I really love what the tattoo... READ MORE

Is this normal after 2 laser sessions? Have brown/orange skin. Was advised this could be residual ink but I'm not sure. (photo)

Hi. Ive had 2 laser tattoo removal sessions. 8 weeks apart and the last one a week ago. Since the first one i noticed that my skin had turned an... READ MORE

Is it possible to have it removed again for another cover up or for a full fade?

Just a thought: if a tattoo has been removed, had a cover up on top. Is it possible to have it removed again for another cover up or for a full fade? READ MORE

Eyebrow tattoo turned black after first laser removal session. Will this improve after the second session? (photo)

I had my first session to remove a semi permanent eyebrow tattoo and it has turned black in colour with fuzzy,undefined lines. Directly after the... READ MORE

How long do I need to wait until I can do salabrasion for a second time?

The first time it was working really well, but I got excited and picked the scab off. Now there is a prominent scar and the tattoo has faded somewhat... READ MORE

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