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Is It Safe to Remove a Small Tattoo at Home with Salt? (photo)

I have a small tattoo on my bikini line and I think I want to remove it and put it elsewhere. I saw online people use salt (mixed with water) at home... READ MORE

I Cannot Afford Any Tattoo Removal Procedure. What's my Safest At-Home Removal Option?

I have consulted a surgeon & I cannot afford any tattoo removal procedure. However, I've had enough of the tattoo on my neck, especially... READ MORE

Can I Use TCA Chemical Peel to Remove my Tattoo?

I have a new tattoo and I hate it. I want to remove it with TCA Chemical peel but I'm scared. Is it safe and which should I use? READ MORE

African American Tattoo Removal

I am a 30 year old African American woman looking for a safe yet successful way of removing a lower back tattoo. My question to you is, what would be... READ MORE

Salabrasion tattoo removal - how safe is it?

How safe exactly is it in terms of the tattoo ink and tattoo itself. Obviously there's risk for infection or scarring but what other risks are there?... READ MORE

Is Laser Tattoo Removal with Q Switch Lasers Safe? Where Does the Ink Go?

I've had 4 laser sessions, and since after the 2nd session I have had recurring issues with an axillary lymph node that keeps swelling up. Is laser... READ MORE

Is the R20 method safe and effective for tattoo removal? (Photo)

I have a black ink tattoo of just lettering. It is new and I'm waiting 8 weeks before I begin laser removal. I am wondering if the r20 method done... READ MORE

How to remove a cosmetic tattoo in case of allergic reaction?

A few years ago I got my eyeliner and eyebrow makeup tattooed by a pro licensed cosmetic tattoo artist. Since, I've come across news stories about... READ MORE

Got my tattoos on July 6th and don't want them anymore, how soon can I safely get them removed? (photo)

I also wanted to know how many treatments would be required and how long it would be before I could re-tattoo the area after the tattoo I do not want... READ MORE

What questions to ask when getting a tattoo removal consultation?

I've been reading a lot of articles (many on here!) which have been great at explaining exactly what types of laser are best, but what questions,... READ MORE

Is this solid black tattoo on my inside forearm safe to laser at once? (photo)

Hi. So I have this professional solid black that covers an amatuer all black tattoo. I am wondering if this is safe to laser at once. The tattoo is on... READ MORE

How safe and how is salabrasion done properly to achieve best results?

I got a tattoo a week ago and I regret it so much. I've done tons of research on tattoo removal and laser seems like the most praised method but yet... READ MORE

Permanent tattoo removal methods? I'm not sure about TCA peels or laser. Would it be a good idea to get an excision?

About three months ago I had gotten a really bad eyebrow tattoo that was overly arched and very masculine looking. How would I go about this procedure... READ MORE

Tattoo excision on a white ink tattoo in the middle of my back along my spine... Is it safe? (photos)

The tattoo needs to go as it causes me a lot of emotion pain and regret. It may shock some people who see the photo but I have uploaded it for a... READ MORE

How should I remove my hand tattoo completely and how safe would it be? (Photo)

I got this tattoo in the beginning of may and I'm regretting it. It was a unique way to add my daughters name to me without it being the typical... READ MORE

Lupus and tattoo removal? Is it safe to get a half sleeve removal on my upper arm?

I have a very mild case of lupus, never had any symptoms and only found out by accident. I am on a low dose of plaquenil. My question is, is it safe... READ MORE

Is surgery to remove a tattoo safe and quick? What are the pros/cons?

I have 4 softball sized roses on my shoulder/back I want removed. READ MORE

Is It Safe to Tattoo over Skin That Has Had a Tattoo Removed with Tattoo Removal Cream? Such As Wrecking Balm or Fadeplex.

Is It Safe to Tattoo over Skin That Has Had a Tattoo Removed with Tattoo Removal Cream? Such As Wrecking Balm or Fadeplex. READ MORE

I was introduced to Fotona QX and Dermapen and was told that this is a very effective way of tattoo removal. Is it safe?

So in clinic I was told that using Dermapen first and then Fotona QX laser allows to perform up to 3 treatments over the same area in one session.... READ MORE

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