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Laser Tattoo Removal Scar

When getting the laser removal for tattoos, does it leave a scar and will it get rid of the tattoo completely? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Remove a Small Tattoo at Home with Salt? (photo)

I have a small tattoo on my bikini line and I think I want to remove it and put it elsewhere. I saw online people use salt (mixed with water) at home... READ MORE

Exercise and Tattoo Removal?

Hello, I am just about to embark on tattoo removal to significantly lighten a large tattoo I have on my upper arm. Anyway I know that exercise is... READ MORE

Salabrasion tattoo removal - how safe is it?

How safe exactly is it in terms of the tattoo ink and tattoo itself. Obviously there's risk for infection or scarring but what other risks are there?... READ MORE

Can You Excise a Tattoo on the Bottom Side of Your Wrist, That is 3 Sq Inches Big?

If so can it be all be done at one time or will it require 2 stages ? and if loss of motor function of the hand a possibility? READ MORE

What is the Likelihood of Keloid Scarring (Or Other Complications) with Laser Tattoo Removal for Asian Skin? (photo)

I am of asian descent. I am interested in laser tattoo removal for my eyebrows. I want the end of the eyebrow completely removed. I want the beginning... READ MORE

Is Laser Tattoo Removal with Q Switch Lasers Safe? Where Does the Ink Go?

I've had 4 laser sessions, and since after the 2nd session I have had recurring issues with an axillary lymph node that keeps swelling up. Is laser... READ MORE

Salabrasion - Tattoo Removal. Is This Safe and Effective?

I keep reading about salabrasion, salt water, for cosmetic permanent make up removal. I was wondering how safe and successful this method is. I would... READ MORE

Could Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal Have a Risk on the Eyes Even if They Protect Them?

I already had 2 treatments of laser tatto eyebrow removed but i am really afraid if laser could affect my eyes even if they protect them? READ MORE

Is It Safe To Get Pregnant if I Am In Treatment of Eyebrow Tatto Removal?

Hi! Right know I am in laser eyebrow tatto removed and I would like to know I can get pregnant during the treatment or if I need to wait antil I... READ MORE

3 days ago I got a very small hot pink tattoo (red and white mixed ink) Can it be removed? (Photo)

Do you think this is easy to remove? I've researched that white tattoo ink can go black when lasered -and as it was used to make the color I'm a... READ MORE

I Have a Few Questions About the Lazer Removal of a Tattoo? (photo)

My questions are: will my age be a factor in the removal as my skin is still young? (im 19) will the thin black lines in this tattoo break up faster... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal..tattoo Vanish Method?

I am looking into getting a tattoo removed and came across a place that does this method. They tattoo the area to break the skin then apply an all... READ MORE

What are the risks of tattoo removal on the foot? (photo)

I have a somewhat large black tattoo on my foot with a few very small pink dots. I'm interested in removing it but is it more difficult and or more... READ MORE

Can You Remove Blue or Black Tattoo Ink in a Region Covered by Hair with a Ruby Laser Without Damaging the Hair Follicles?

I am told this cosmetic tattoo is more permanent than "permanent makeup" but at a shallower depth of the dermis than a true tattoo done in a... READ MORE

How many tattoos can I laser in one session?

How many tattoos can I have lasered in one session, Is there any health risks like overdose from the too much ink particles or anything dangerous? READ MORE

Do lidocaine injections before laser tattoo removal affect the removal outcome?

I have read that lidocaine injections may increase the risk of scarring, and can also react with the ink to make it harder to remove. READ MORE

At what point when getting tattoos does the ink go into the lymph nodes? Does is stay there indefinitely? What harm can it do?

I have a lot of tattoos from 13 years ago to even last month. I've been reading about the tattoo ink in the lymph nodes. I'm worried of what could... READ MORE

Does laser tattoo removal have major health risks?

I would like to know if tattoo removal has major health risks.. infertility, birth defects, can it affect my organs. .. my tattoo is all black ink... READ MORE

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