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Tattoo Removal What to Expect when Finished?

I have 2 tattoos on my forearms there about 1yr old they are in all black ink i have begun laser treatment on one im on my 4th session and only 20%... READ MORE

Should I continue with my laser tattoo removal treatments? (photo)

I have done around 15 laser tattoo removal treatments over the last 3 years.I did around 12 treatments on Medlite and 3 on Helios2 (on which doctor... READ MORE

Is It Easier to Get Rid of a Tattoo when You First Get It Done?

I just got a tattoo and I'm having second thoughts I was just wondering if it is easier to get rid of it right after it is done and also what... READ MORE

Is there any way to know if my tattoo artist went too deep?

I just started treatment to get all three of my tattoos removed.I'm super worried, because I'm just afraid my artist went too deep & the ink won't... READ MORE

Will Emla numbing cream reduce the fading after getting laser treatments? (photo)

I have had 7 treatments of Picoway and got great fading in the beginning, but the results lately have been less noticeable since there are less ink... READ MORE

When will I see results with Picosure tattoo removal?

I had my first laser session with Picosure to remove 2 separate tattoos 2 days ago. One tattoo is very small and simple ( about the size of a nickel)... READ MORE

Recommendations for eyebrow tattoo removal in Orange County California?

I had my eyebrows embroidered (semi-permanent ink artist promised) six weeks ago and unhappy with results. Long story short, lesson learned - make... READ MORE

I've just had my first tattoo removal session. What results can I expect? (Photo)

I've just had my first laser tattoo removal session. The treatment was for a small black outline of a heart on the inside of my arm. The tattoo is... READ MORE

Tattoo removal question. (Photo)

I have this large tattoo on the forearm . I have had one laser treatment already.I know laser is the safest way to remove but having to deal with this... READ MORE

Black and White ink on wrist tattoo. (photo)

I had this tattoo done 5 years ago, i hate it since day 1 the guy who did it told me to cover it with white ink and the tatoo would fade and it would... READ MORE

Can I surgically remove a tattoo behind my ear?

I have a tattoo behind my ear that I got a year ago that I've been having laser done but want faster results. I've had 5 sessions and seems to be no... READ MORE

How should I remove the tattoo? (Photos)

I got this tattoo done when I was 18, Im now 22 and want tô remove it. The tattoo hasnt been retouched and faded due tô sun exposure. The pin up is c... READ MORE

What kind of results could I expect with laser tattoo removal? (photos)

I have an 11 year old chest tattoo of a heart with wings. Its very large and well done. I was curious how many session and what kind of success could... READ MORE

What results can I hope for with a laser tattoo removal of a small black and grey tattoo? (Photo)

I got a tattoo on my inner forearm a few days ago. Although my artist completed my design well, I am regretting it and it has upset me greatly causing... READ MORE

Tattoo removal, what laser for best results? (photo)

I have started to look into tattoo removal after receiving a tattoo last month that I am very unhappy happy with. There are a lot of laser tattoo... READ MORE

Help with this tattoo; is there anything else i can do to remove this tattoo? (Photos)

I had this tattoo done 5 years ago, i hate it since day 1 the guy who did it told me to cover it with white ink and the tatoo would fade and it would... READ MORE

Tattoo removal-expected results?

Hi there, I have a tattoo down my spine which is solid black in colour. I have had 3 removal sessions to date and have noticed absolutely no... READ MORE

Is Laser Tattoo Removal completely safe? Are there possible health complications later in life as a result? (Photo)

I got my first tattoo on upper back about 3 weeks ago on my 18th birthday. After reading about the possible illnesses of ink in the body,... READ MORE

Medilite C6 Laser, Doc Turned Up Laser to 3.5? Is This High Enough?

My doc turned up the medilite c6 laser upto 3.5 for my eyebrow tattoo removal, on my 3rd treatment. Is this setting high enough to remove the pigment?... READ MORE

How long to wait in between sessions for laser tattoo removal?

I keep hearing different things about how long to wait inbetween laser tattoo removal. I hear 6 weeks if fine but if you wait 8 weeks that will help... READ MORE

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