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Permanent Tattoo Removal

I had the symbol for "mother" tattooed (far right) and wanted "daughter" and "love" added to it. The symbol for... READ MORE

How Soon After a "New" Tattoo Can You Start Laser Removal?

If a tattoo is fresh (only a few months old), is laser even an option, or would 15-20 sessions still not remove something so fresh/dark (it's only... READ MORE

Recommendations for Fixing Bad Permanent Makeup Eyebrows?

I had my eyebrows tattooed today and I am not happy with the result. Can I have it removed and how long do I have to wait? Can I then re-tattoo over... READ MORE

Quick and Easy Tattoo Removal

I am looking for a a quick and easy way to remove my tattoos. I have two quarter sized tattoos behind my ears. I have gone over all options and as I... READ MORE

Where Can I Have my Permanent Lower Eyeliner Removed?

This is the second time I have had permanent eyeliner done. This time by a different person who put it on too thick and crooked. My one eye looks as... READ MORE

Does TCA Chemical Peels Work for Tattoo Removal?

I've had a tattoo for about a month, which is just a simple black outline of a star. this was a tattoo i had wanted for as long as I can remember,... READ MORE

New Tattoo or Older Tattoo - Which Can Be Lazered Easier??

I searched around and get a bunch of different answers, Which tattoo will be lasered more successfully - a newer tattoo a month old or a tattoo... READ MORE

Best Way to Remove Black Tattoo on Rib Cage?

I have a quote written in black on my rib cage and I was wondering, what's the best way to go about removing it? I was also wondering if you can name... READ MORE

Will Laser Completely Remove Eyebrow Tattoo?

My eyebrow tattoos are now nearly all gone, but there is a slight shadow left. It seems the laser treatment is less effective each time as the tattoo... READ MORE

New Laser Technology?

I have an ankle tattoo, all black, 7 years old. I am considering removing it but I am really afraid of not getting it all gone. Is there any major... READ MORE

Keloid Prone & Want to Remove Tattoo. Best Option?

I'm Chinese & am keloid prone. I've had an otoplasty & grew a large bump behind my ear which I later removed. It formed again, but not as... READ MORE

I Have Really Bad Tattos How Bad is It to Usd Tca Peel Gel? (photo)

Pictures attached are what i was gonna use tca on thank you hope to hear back from someone READ MORE

Has Anybody Ever Had Permanant Lip Liner Removed?

I have a really dark lip liner and desperately want to get rid of it, is there any techniques that can be uses to remove the ink without causing... READ MORE

I want to remove my 5 day old Red tattoo, is it easier? (photo)

Hi there, My tattoo is 5 days old and it is in Red ink. It was not done correctly how I wanted it, so I was wondering if it would be easier to remove... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove the epidermis and possibly even the dermis to allow a Q-switched Yag laser to reach the stubborn pigment?

I tattooed Indian Ink into my legs seven years ago. The needle would have gone deep enough to penetrate the pigment into the layer of fat. I want to... READ MORE

Tattoo regret and depression, please help

Hello, I recently got a portrait tattoo and I hate the way it came out and I honestly want it gone. I feel like such a terrible person for not liking... READ MORE

Eyebrow Laser Removal

I had my eyebrow done over a yr ago then redone a few months ago but this time it turned out a bit darker than expected. My question is, will my brow... READ MORE

Tattoo removal not working (photo)

I have had 26 sessions of laser tattoo removal and it hasn't gone and blood blisters everytime. Is there any other option? Will laser ever work... READ MORE

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