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Hair Damage After Eyebrow Tattoo Removal?

I have had 2 treatments with Q-switched Nd:YAG -laser trying to remove my semi-permanent eyebrows. My eyebrow hair is growing back slowly and they're... READ MORE

Can Arm Tattoo of This Magnitude Be Excised & Grafted Successfully? (Laser Treatments Not Working)

I'm seeking tattoo excision and grafting of my right forearm after a horribly botched tattoo procedure. I've had 3 Q-switch laser treatments,... READ MORE

Aftercare Tattoo Removal with Q Switch? (photo)

I had my first session of tattoo removal yest using the q switch laser & I'm unsure of how to care of it until it heals? It's on the back of my... READ MORE

Which laser is BEST for black ink in regards to tattoo removal? PICO or 1064 Q-SWITCHED?

Some say Pico, some say 1064 Q, but there seems to be no consensus. Is there any CONCLUSIVE evidence of either one being more efficient (in regards to... READ MORE

Which is better to remove my tatto: Laser Q Switch Revlite or Quanta System Q-Plus C? (Photo)

As mentioned in a previous post until now I had this tattoo mistakenly treated with laser AlexTrivantage candela and thanks to you I realized that my... READ MORE

Which is better Q-switched or Q-switched ND YAG laser for best safest results for a black orange red tattoo for rework? (photo)

Im wanting to get a tattoo lighten so it can be covered up by another tattoo. The tattoo consists mainly black - orange and small amounts of red ink.... READ MORE

Is Laser Tattoo Removal with Q Switch Lasers Safe? Where Does the Ink Go?

I've had 4 laser sessions, and since after the 2nd session I have had recurring issues with an axillary lymph node that keeps swelling up. Is laser... READ MORE

Can a Q-Switched Laser Help to Remove Hemosiderin Staining Caused by Laser Tattoo Removal? (photo)

I have had one laser tattoo removal session to partially remove my tattoo. The treatment was effective in that a decent amount of ink was removed,... READ MORE

How to Minimize the Scarring After Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment? (photo)

Dear doctors. I did 10 Qyag laser sessions to remove a tattoo on my shoulder. After 1 year of the last procedure, there's a scarring replacing the... READ MORE

Why do I get blisters one week after the laser tattoo removal session?

I started my half sleeve tattoo removal last year, using a q-switched laser. The first two sessions were great - almost no blisters, and great fading.... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove the epidermis and possibly even the dermis to allow a Q-switched Yag laser to reach the stubborn pigment?

I tattooed Indian Ink into my legs seven years ago. The needle would have gone deep enough to penetrate the pigment into the layer of fat. I want to... READ MORE

Q switch vs Alex Trivantage? Would q switch be sufficient to remove my tattoos? (Photo)

I'm about to have my 1 month old tattoo. The doctors are charging me differently and some offer the q switch (cheaper), some offer the Alex trivantage... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my eyebrow tattoo? (photos)

I consulted with a dr and she recommended me Conbio Revlite laser. She said I would lose 5% of my hair and I'd have no scars. Is that legit? I found... READ MORE

5 sessions of q switched and zero results. I'm so sad. (photos)

I am 27 years old and I write from Italy. Two years ago I had a tattoo and now I have repented. Now after five sessions of laser qswitched (Alexander... READ MORE

I started tattoo removal on a tattoo which runs from my collar bone down my shoulder. Should I be bleeding post treatment?

Post treatment it has bled significantly. My intentions are to have it faded enough to cover with light watercolor to match the rest of my half sleeve... READ MORE

After Tattoo Removal Pain? (photo)

I had my first session using the q switch laser 7 days ago. The tattoo is vertical on the back of my neck, the last couple days I have noticed the... READ MORE

Tattoo Excision in Dallas Texas? (photo)

I have tried Q switched laser ive been going for about over a year going on 2 years and i see no improvement and i just want these tattoos gone. i... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation after my 4th Q switch treatment for tattoo removal

Hello there Doctors. I just completed my 4th laser treatment for tattoo removal, and the scabs fell of already, and it's like 10 days after treatment.... READ MORE

Advice Needed: Laser Tattoo Removal - Dermal or Epidermal Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

I'm two sessions in to laser tattoo removal using a Q-Switch YAG and the black ink is shifting, however, in its place is a brownish colour. I'm... READ MORE

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