Pink Ink + Tattoo Removal

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Possible to Remove Pink Tattoo?

I got the tattoo 4 days ago and am deeply regretting it. I have been crying everyday and want it to be gone. I was just wondering if pink tattoo ink... READ MORE

Does my Tattoo Removal Progress Look Good So Far? (photo)

I am currently undergoing tattoo removal on two star tattoos, located on my wrists. They are blue, pink and black. My doctor is using a Quanta Q-Plus... READ MORE

3 days ago I got a very small hot pink tattoo (red and white mixed ink) Can it be removed? (Photo)

Do you think this is easy to remove? I've researched that white tattoo ink can go black when lasered -and as it was used to make the color I'm a... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Turned the Pink Ink in my Tattoo Darker, How Can This Be Removed?

Are more laser treatments needed? I'm also wondering what wavelength will remove the darkened pink ink. READ MORE

Is this normal for tattoo removal!? HELP! (photo)

I have had an appointment at a spa, to start the process of removing an armband tattoo, that is double, it is pink underneath, and a cover-up ontop... READ MORE

What are the risks of tattoo removal on the foot? (photo)

I have a somewhat large black tattoo on my foot with a few very small pink dots. I'm interested in removing it but is it more difficult and or more... READ MORE

Can my colorful half sleeve tattoo be removed? (photo)

Please see attached photo of my half sleeve tattoo, I really want this removed as it is cats i g massive anxiety and it possible to remove... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove this pink and brown tattoo with picosure or any other tattoo removal method? (Photo)

I've had it for almost four years and I'm not happy with how it looks and no longer care for colored tattoos. I always feel as if it looks like my... READ MORE

How much would it cost to remove this tattoo? Is it worth it because I heard blue is hard to remove (Photo)

Its my upper arm. And all that surrounds it. About 3 years old. Wasn't happy with the work put into it. But when I did research I found out blue is... READ MORE

What laser is best for removing green and pink tattoo?

I have a small flower tattoo with a lot of green, pink and some yellow. What laser would be best to remove it? READ MORE

Is partial tattoo removal (one color tattoo removal) an option for me? (Photo)

Hello everyone,My situation is sort of strange. I have a love/hate relationship with my tattoo. I LOVE the octopus part of it but I HATE the blue in... READ MORE

What is the best method to get rid of this tattoo? I'm fair skinned but half Hispanic (Photo)

This tattoo was done a month ago. It has black, blue, pink, yellow, and a tiny bit of purple and green in the shading. I am fair skinned but am half... READ MORE

Which laser system for tattoo removal? Which result to expect? (photos)

I have a trig with cherry blossoms on my arm (black/grey/pink). I am Italian and a dark skin type. Which laser should be used? I read that picosure... READ MORE

Is my tattoo too colorful to remove? (photos)

I'm 21 years old, my tattoo is 2 months old on my forearm. I went to a consult and they told me they recommend not treating this tattoo or doing a... READ MORE

Can this pink tattoo be removed completely with laser? (photo)

I have been trying to remove this tattoo for sometime now and this is the result after my 4th session... i was wondering how many more session will be... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a fullsleeve in color? (photos)

The tattoo is 1 year old, the lower part of the arm is only 6 weeks old, it goes around the whole arm, parts of it is free from colour. There are... READ MORE

How can I fade the flesh colored tattoo on my breast? NOT laser, thank you. (photo)

After a breast lift, I had faint white lines around the aureole. I had a permanent makeup artist tattoo flesh color to hide it. It was awful. It came... READ MORE

Can this water color medium-sized tattoo be removed? (photo)

I just got this tattoo and am very disappointed with the result. I can't imagine living the rest of my life with it so I'm considering a laser removal... READ MORE

Will Tattoo Removal by Excision Progress Well in Future (No Scaring for Big Tattoos)?

I have bigger colorfull (it was failed cover up) tattoo that I would like to remove soon. Can I count on good tattoo removal for a couple of years... READ MORE

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