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What are the realistic chances and costs of this tattoo being lazer removed? Size is 6x3 inches (Photo)

I recently got this tattoo on my forearm, it's really well done but as soon as it was complete i regreted it completely. Im 18 years old and I've... READ MORE

What is the best laser tattoo treatment between Astanza Trinity, Medlite C6, and Picosure? (Photo)

I currently got a tattoo this past November (2013) which I am very much regretting. It's placement is on my neck, it's black, and I would say is... READ MORE

Tattoo removal after laser treatment failed? What would be the next best option? I have been looking into skin grafting. (Photo)

Hi, I have a tattoo on my upper left arm (~5-6" length & width) in black ink. I went for six sessions of laser tattoo removal which left me with... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove my black and white tattoo? (Photo)

I loved my tattoo initially, but then it got messed up because I went swimming too soon after getting it. I tried having it fixed, but it only made it... READ MORE

3 days ago I got a very small hot pink tattoo (red and white mixed ink) Can it be removed? (Photo)

Do you think this is easy to remove? I've researched that white tattoo ink can go black when lasered -and as it was used to make the color I'm a... READ MORE

I rushed into getting my daughter's name on my inner forearm and can't afford laser removal. Can it be done by excision? (photo)

Can my tattoo be removed by tattoo excision being that is on my inner forearm. It's 8 letters long on my inner forearm. If it could be done... READ MORE

I have just got this tattoo done and I hate it. Its fresh today can I completely remove it? (photo)

I have just got this tattoo done and I hate it its fresh today can i completely remove it? how much? READ MORE

I had a test spot done on a colored tattoo. If there is Oxidation, could it be lightened with treatments? (photos)

I had a test spot done on a larger, colored tattoo. I've gone to several consultations, and everyone says I should not have a problem getting rid of... READ MORE

How many treatment do I need if I'm using a picosure? (Photo)

I have 2 inch tattoo on my wrist black and its just a layout and my wrist are just small and thin and likely new fresh tattoo so by chance can i get a... READ MORE

I hear some places suggest using 4% Hydroquinone bleaching cream to pre-treat skin for Hypopigmentation. is this true? (photos)

As u can see the color didnt take to well. the rose is mainly black with black shading and the color in the rose is red but it didnt take well and has... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal, what are the advantages and disadvantages? (Photo)

I've started the process of Laser Tattoo Removal. Since I've started I've read and seen many different times of lasers being used i.e Medlite and... READ MORE

Got my tattoos on July 6th and don't want them anymore, how soon can I safely get them removed? (photo)

I also wanted to know how many treatments would be required and how long it would be before I could re-tattoo the area after the tattoo I do not want... READ MORE

After my sixth session left with pinkish skin from scars, will they go away? (photos)

I just finished my 6th session on my tattoo. Unfortunately after this one I got pin point bleeding, which led to scabs and than pinkish skin.Did this... READ MORE

Complete removal of black tattoo? (photo)

This is my about 16months old pure black tree tattoo. I really hate it since day 1 and finally want to start laser removal this year. But is there a... READ MORE

I had this tattoo professionally done about a month ago. Can this tattoo be removed? (photo)

I had this tattoo professionally done about a month ago and I'm not happy with the overall design. If I'm unable to remove it all I'd like to at least... READ MORE

R20 Laser Tattoo Removal Method on Asian skin?

I am a (relatively) fair-skinned Asian looking to have a small tattoo removed from my chest using laser. I am very interested in the R20 Method... READ MORE

Tattoo removal not working (photo)

I have had 26 sessions of laser tattoo removal and it hasn't gone and blood blisters everytime. Is there any other option? Will laser ever work... READ MORE

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