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I've Recently Had my First Tattoo Removal Laser Session Done and I Have Seen VERY Minimal Results, Is that Typical?

Laser used is AlexTriVantage Various shades of black colored tattoo Little to no difference after 5 weeks of first treatment Tan/olive skin complexion... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftermath, I Thought There Would Be More Blistering and Scabbing, Normal?

I just had my first laser tattoo removal session 2 days ago and I'm not experiencing any of the blistering and scabbing I was warned about. There... READ MORE

Burnt by laser Tattoo removal: Is this normal? (Photo)

Last year I started laser tattoo removal, was very painful and got burnt. The clinic said that it was normal to have alot of blisters after treatment.... READ MORE

Is This Normal or is my Tattoo Removal Specialist Not Doing a Good Job?

The tattoo is completely black ink, consists of 5 small symbols across my chest, has only had 1 touch up, and is over 2 years old. I am young, with... READ MORE

Inflammation from Laser Tattoo Removal a Scar?

I had 2 laser tattoo removal sessions. It has been 5 weeks since my last session and part of my arm is still inflammed. I'm wondering if this is a... READ MORE

5 Days After Having Tattoo Removal It's Really Red Around the Area, is It Normal?

5 Days After Having Tattoo Removal It's Really Red Around the Area, is It Normal? READ MORE

Skin is Redish/purplish After Laser Tattoo Treatment?

I have had 7 laser treatments for tattoo removal. After treatment number 3 back in Sept of 2011, my skin became redish/purplish. The clinic giving me... READ MORE

Is Swelling Normal After Laser Tattoo Removal?

Is it normal to be swollen after a laser tattoo removal session? If so, how long will it last? READ MORE

Is it part of the removal proccess for my tattoo to turn white, rather than disappear, 2-3 months into my treatment?

Ive been in the process of removing a tattoo on my arm for over 1 now. Im up to my 8th session & after my last session it has been 2 months. My tattoo... READ MORE

Possible tattoo removal laser burn?

I've looked at hundreds of tattoo removal treatments and have never seen anything quite like this. As you can see a bit of it is normal but most is... READ MORE

Post tattoo removal pictures. Is it normal to still have that discoloration after that long time? (Photo)

Hello. I had my tattoo removed before 15 months with laser removed. After all this time the scar seems to still have a pink colour and a bit rough... READ MORE

Is this normal after laser tattoo removal? (Photo)

Red or brownish spots five days later and they are still here will they fade? A part of the tattoo is pink and raised with a little bit of white. I... READ MORE

Day 1 post 1st treatment, is it normal? (photo)

The photo was took a day after my 1st tattoo removal treatment. I believed that the nurse who did it to me made it too aggressive but the doctors in... READ MORE

Is it normal to get dark marks after laser tattoo treatments? (photo)

I just finished my fifth tattoo removal treatment. The ink seems to be gone but the area where the tattoo was got really dark? Not sure if it's normal... READ MORE

I'm 3 weeks post tattoo removal and it feels irritated. Is this normal? (Photo)

It's been 3 weeks since I got the first session done on my tattoo removal. It feels irritated and I'm wondering if this is normal READ MORE

I had eyebrow laser tattoo removal yesterday at a laser and skin surgery center and my lids were swollen after (Photo)

I had 2 sessions the same day 30 mins apart using the piccosure or the lutronic this normal I woke up the next morning ? READ MORE

Tattoo Removal, 14 Days Post 1st Treatment and Have Pain, Swelling, Leaking?

I had a laser tattoo removal 14 days ago, with the Alma laser system. I have had pain, swelling, leaking fluid for the entire time. I went to my... READ MORE

Bad reaction on 3rd session, lots of blood spots, is this normal or was it down to the technician? (Photo)

I've had 2 sessions on this tattoo already and it's been fine, but this time a new numbing cream was used (not the usual ELMA - some prescription... READ MORE

3 hours for one session?

Hello! I went to a clinic to consult on removing my 10x10 cm tattoo. They told me it would take around 3 hours per session. Is that normal? I read... READ MORE

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