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How Many Treatments Will It Take to Get Rid of a New Tattoo on my Neck and It is All Black

I have got a new tattoo on my neck and I would like to know if anyone has had a new tattoo removed by laser and how many treatments might it take as... READ MORE

I Cannot Afford Any Tattoo Removal Procedure. What's my Safest At-Home Removal Option?

I have consulted a surgeon & I cannot afford any tattoo removal procedure. However, I've had enough of the tattoo on my neck, especially... READ MORE

Possible to Use Numbing Cream During Laser Tattoo Removal?

I have this tattoo on my nape, I’m so desperate to remove it… does anyone know a numbing cream to use during tattoo removal? I want to... READ MORE

How Soon After You Have a Tattoo Done Can You Get It Lasered off

My tattoo is under my left ear and down my neck it is a tribal cross 3inches long by a inch and a half about the size of a credit card I wish now not... READ MORE

What is the best laser tattoo treatment between Astanza Trinity, Medlite C6, and Picosure? (Photo)

I currently got a tattoo this past November (2013) which I am very much regretting. It's placement is on my neck, it's black, and I would say is... READ MORE

Number of Removal Sessions for Small Tattoos?

My husband has two little chinese letters on his neck that are black. How many tattoo removal sessions would it take to remove it? READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal on the Neck for African American?

Would you recommend an African American to get laser treatment for a Tattoo removal on the neck? READ MORE

Astanza vs. Medlite C6 vs. PicoSure, on a new (4 months), medium sized, neck, black tattoo? (Photos)

I have looked into different treatments and have found locations in NYC with these lasers, and am unsure about the actual difference for a black... READ MORE

Are There Doctors out There That Still Do Removal of Gang Tattoos for Free?

My husband has 3 gang tattoos on his neck and 1 small tear drop that he needs to get removed. They are all 15 years old, all done in prison and all black. READ MORE

Had 1st session of Laser Tattoo Removal, started peeling after 2-3 days. Is this a good start to the process?

Hello, i have 2.5 inch black colour tattoo on my neck. My tattoo is just 15 days old and due to some reasons am removing my tattoo through laser... READ MORE

Can this tattoo be removed? There was some white highlighting in the tattoo, mixed in over the blue (Photo)

Their was some white hightlighting in the tattoo,mixed in over the blue,also little white highlights around the image?It has faded A bit considering I... READ MORE

Will excision work on my neck / behind my ear as this skin is quite taut?

I have a small tattoo behind my ear which I want removed for work purposes. It is two music notes, the larger of the two is 1cmx1cm. I understand that... READ MORE

Which laser types will have the most effect on my tattoo and will treatment be effective at all? (photos)

I recently had a small and black tattoo covered and this is the result. I'm thinking about removal now. I'm very pale and the tattoo is quite dark. I... READ MORE

Do I have realistic expectations for neck tattoo removal? Is it even possible? (Photo)

I got this tattoo about a year and a half ago when I wasn't thinking right. It came out nothing like expected and I would like to either remove it or... READ MORE

I have a neck tattoo and I want to join the military. (photo)

I was wondering how many treatments would it take to remove it? The tattoo is black ink and it's not really large, it's rather small. READ MORE

How do I get rid of this ugly neck tat? (Photo)

Got a tattoo literally a couple days ago. REALLY WANT IT GONE. Biggest mistake because its on my neck. It black dark ink. How much would it cost and... READ MORE

How many sessions will it take to remove a red ink tattoo on the neck? (Photos)

Well it's been over a year since I got the tattoo, it was done by a amature and the ink color is red and it's on my neck. What I want to know is if... READ MORE

How Many Sessions at How Much Cost Per Session to Get Tattoos Removed?

I have two small tattoos; a butterfly on the web of my hand where my thumb and index meet and the name 'Celone' on the base of the right side of my... READ MORE

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