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Have Keloid Scarring After Laser Tattoo Removal, What Should I Do?

I've received 35 tattoo removal laser treatments and have significant keloid scarring. I've just started laser scar removal treatments. First... READ MORE

Can Only Part of my Tattoo Be Removed?

I had my wife's name and my daughter's name in the middle of the tattoo. After 12 years of marriage my wife and I have split up and have not been... READ MORE

Retattooing over Excision Scar?

I am seeking a tattoo excision after healing process. I was wondering, can I re-tattoo over the scar? Below is the tattoo. READ MORE

Is One Quick and Effective Tattoo Removal Session a Good Idea?

I am a 22 year old male with a name tattoo "SHAUN," 20cm long and 3cm wide, on my forearm for about more or less 2 years. I had a consult... READ MORE

I Have a 12' Red, Green & Black Half Sleeve Looking to Remove What Are the Realistic Expectations? (photo)

I have a consulation to remove my tattoo coming iup. It is a professionally done half sleeve. It consists of light to dark red roses, emerald green to... READ MORE

Lazer Tatto Removal Blister/scabbing Question

Hi I'm an african american male I had my first session of lazer tattoo removal last week it has been 6 days and the blisters/scabs are starting to... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Forearm Question (photo)

So iv came to a decision on removing my forearm tattoo, although it holds great meaning to me, I regret the placement, lesson learnt for sure.... READ MORE

Got my tattoos on July 6th and don't want them anymore, how soon can I safely get them removed? (photo)

I also wanted to know how many treatments would be required and how long it would be before I could re-tattoo the area after the tattoo I do not want... READ MORE

Laser tattoo removal on very tanned skin, is it safe and will it work?

Is it safe to use a Revlite laser on tanned skin? I am going on a trip,and will get aproximately 2,5 months of sun exposure, so i'll be very tan. I am... READ MORE

Does this tattoo look like a tattoo that would have a successful removal? (Photo)

The tattoo is all color with a black outline. Colors are green, red, blue, brown, yellow, and black outline. Does this tattoo have too much color in... READ MORE

Can a tattoo this large be removed by excision? (photo)

I hate how this tattoo came out I need to remove it my vains have bin in pain since I got the tattoo 2 months ago my arm hurts all the time I just... READ MORE

is there a doctor out their that can help me wit this problem? (Photo)

I'm a 47 year old Limousine driver with a tattoo in my face which no one wants to Remove is there a doctor out their that can help me with this... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal. How difficult will it be to remove? How many sessions? Cost range per session? (Photo)

I recently got a tattoo, (6 months ago), and I could not finish it because the artist went out of town for awhile after first session. Now I no longer... READ MORE

I'm regretful of a new tattoo! I'd like to know an estimate cost of removal and number of treatment sessions needed (photo)

I received this tattoo on may 14th, 2016 . So it's very recent. Taking into consideration my skin tone and the youth of my tattoo, what are my options? READ MORE

Could Laser Tattoo Removal Affect Sperm in Any Way?

Hi I'm about to start laser tattoo removal in the next few weeks but am also trying for a baby around the same time. Im aware that it cannot be... READ MORE

What's the price range of an excision tattoo removal on forehead? (photo)

I am a brown skin male with a cross on my forehead its 1 inch & i want to know how much can it cost to remove the tattoo READ MORE

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