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Can Laser Remove a Terrible Permanent Lip Liner?

I had permanent lip liner tattooed on. It was vegetable-based inks, I believe. A mix of red, pink, anti-blue drop, and white. I think that it may have... READ MORE

Inner Lip Tattoo Removal?

Lets just say I was not 100 percent sober and decided to get an inner lip tattoo on my bottom lip. It turned out extremely deep and thick and so ugly!... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal for Lips?

I have a cosmetic lip liner tattoo around my lips and want it off because it looks hideous. I was wondering if laser resurfacing is the way to go...... READ MORE

Can Permanent Lip Liner Be Removed?

Can permanent lip liner be removed? I'm desperate to remove it but I'm not sure of how to go about it. READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Treatment for Lips

I just got a tattoo on my lips and he messed it up. He did it crooked and got a line on my real lip. How do I get the ink out fast so it don’t show a... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Help the Body Naturally Dissolve an Inner Lip Tattoo?

I got a lip tattoo but need it removed for a job, I do not really want to have it removed with a laser or through surgical excision so I was just... READ MORE

I have "Copenhagen" tattooed on the inside of lip. What's better; laser treatment or surgical excision?

There are only 3 bold letters left the rest are broken up and faded. Cost is also a factor in this. The whole thing is probally only and inch and a... READ MORE

Do I have hypopigmentation from permanent lip tattoo? (photos)

I had a lip tattoo done and I believe I have hypopigmentation this reversible? Is this hypopigmentation? What can I do? The picture is from... READ MORE

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Removal - Help

The tattoo artist went outside my lip line on my top lip. It looks ridiculous and is a different colour to the rest of my lip. I did not ask for this... READ MORE

Will I be able to remove the tattoo around my lips with laser ?

My lip tattoo was done on the outside of my lip. A cream was used to cover now I have had laser it's turned blue. 5 sessions in and it's getting darker. READ MORE

Options for Fading Bottom Lip Tattoo?

I got a horrendous tattoo on my bottom lip (inside). It was done by an amateur. It looks very bad and is pretty deep. Very bad decision. Is there... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Get Pen Ink off my Son's Lip?

Well, my son go struck with a pen in the lip when he was young leaving a black mask. At first it was a minor incident but over the years progressed it... READ MORE

I tattooed my lips with permanent makeup. Now I'm trying laser treatment. Do you think my lips will go black? (photo)

The biggest issue is that it's placed outside my ordinary lipline. I tattoed the whole lip, but it's only the lipliner left almost. The ink that was... READ MORE

I Need a Tattoo Removal in my Inner Lip I Just Want to Know About How Much It Will Be to Remove It? (photo)

I know it was dumb but I need it off to enter the the military. If u have any recommendations for a place to do a tattoo removal please state those... READ MORE

Getting a tattoo after an allergic reaction 1 week after laser tattoo treatment Q Switched laser. (Photos)

I had an allergic reaction 1 week after laser tattoo treatment of red ink twice (hives on arms, torso, behind ears and swelling of lips and eyes lid.... READ MORE

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