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Possible to Lighten a New Tattoo?

I had a tattoo on my right arm several weeks ago and it was a solid black. Now I'm trying to lighten it up. Can any one tell me what should I do? Thanks. READ MORE

How Can I Lighten a Dark Tattoo?

I just had my eyebrows tattooed today, they are too dark..I am can I lighten them? I have been scrubbing them all day in hopes of lightening... READ MORE

Will Laser Completely Remove Eyebrow Tattoo?

My eyebrow tattoos are now nearly all gone, but there is a slight shadow left. It seems the laser treatment is less effective each time as the tattoo... READ MORE

Dark Around the Nipples After Tattooing

I have had a breast reduction surgery and later on the tatooing was done around the niples...I wished it to be lighter than the actual aerola color... READ MORE

I had a test spot done on a colored tattoo. If there is Oxidation, could it be lightened with treatments? (photos)

I had a test spot done on a larger, colored tattoo. I've gone to several consultations, and everyone says I should not have a problem getting rid of... READ MORE

How many sessions of laser removal would it take to remove or even lighten a tattoo to be redone with another tiger? (Photo)

Tattoo is located on the upper left pictorial it is around 15cm in height and 7cm in width the colours vary in green yellow black and orange the... READ MORE

How Many Treatments Does It Generally Take to Lighten a Tattoo for a Cover Up?

My tattoo consists of mostly black ink with a little pieces done in red. It's fairly new and located on my upper thigh. I am leaning towards fading... READ MORE

How do I lighten a tattoo? (Photo)

Yesterday i got a tattoo of clouds behind my deceased fathers portrait. I know new tattoos are darker, but I wanted the clouds to look less dark and... READ MORE

Any hopes on really really really lightening this sleeve? (photos)

I would love to remove it but i am being realistic now because i have too many colors and i know it might be impossible to totally remove the... READ MORE

Would laser be succesful in removing my flower cover up, over a symbol tattoo? Or partially lightening centre for rework? photo

Hi I got a cover up from someone who was recommended for cover ups. I'm not happy with the result, I have been back once already. She filled in the... READ MORE

How soon can I remove my tattoo? (photos)

So I just got this tattoo done this Monday but I regret its placement very much. I want to either lighten it as much as possible or remove it, if not... READ MORE

Will eyebrow tattoo removal leave my skin red where the tattoo was? Can an eyebrow tattoo be lightened?

I had my eyebrows tattood in dec 2014 they were suppose to be brown instead they are cold black. I have light brown hair and they look awful. one is... READ MORE

What are my best options and reasonable expectations for lightening my 4 month old tattoo in preparation for a cover up? (Photo)

I'd like to lighten the tattoo enough to do cover up. I really dislike the tattoo as it is now, but I plan to cover it up with a similar artistic... READ MORE

Is partial tattoo removal possible to lighten dark areas? (Photos)

I have a ribbon tattoo on my wrist that needs help. What really bothers me is how dark the borders are, making the margins blurry and dark. In... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Area Looks Light After a Week? (photo)

I had my 1st tattoo removal done 1 week ago on my arm. I have black skin. The colours of the tattoo are red, black and green. The area was covered in... READ MORE

I have a half sleeve gone wrong. It has just about every color in it. Can I get this lightened to cover it? (photos)

I have a half sleeve gone wrong. The initial concept was one that I loved except the layout and the way it was done was NOT. I now have become... READ MORE

A double cover up tattoo, can it be removed or at least lightened a lot? (photos)

I first got an ambigram tattoo on ribs..then covered up with a dreamcatcher that did not cover up my old tattoo at ALL. then got two roses to cover up... READ MORE

What is the best option to get rid of this patchy tattoo ink from my Nevus anemicus? (photos)

I originally had a white birthmark and tried to get permed any tattoo to disguise it more like my skin colour. The tattoo was too dark and I have had... READ MORE

Astanza Duality treatment #1, how long till I see some change?

Yesterday I had my first of many planned sessions of laser tattoo removal. I'm realistic in my expectations and understand I may always carry remnants... READ MORE

How to lighten eyebrow tattoo? (photo)

About 6 years ago I had my eyebrows tattooed with regular tattoo gun and regular tattoo ink they are a bit too dark and I would like them to look more... READ MORE

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