Hypopigmentation + Tattoo Removal

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Have Keloid Scarring After Laser Tattoo Removal, What Should I Do?

I've received 35 tattoo removal laser treatments and have significant keloid scarring. I've just started laser scar removal treatments. First... READ MORE

How Do You Fix Hypopigmentation After Tattoo Removal?

I had a tattoo removed on my lower back with laser. Now that the tattoo is gone the problem is that I have spots that have hypopigmentation on my back... READ MORE

Tattoo removal after laser treatment failed? What would be the next best option? I have been looking into skin grafting. (Photo)

Hi, I have a tattoo on my upper left arm (~5-6" length & width) in black ink. I went for six sessions of laser tattoo removal which left me with... READ MORE

I am African-American and have had 8 laser tattoo removal treatments. Unfortunately i am experiencing extreme hypopigmentation,

The pigmentation in my skin resolved after the first 7 treatments (each spaced two months apart), however in the last session (October 2013), the... READ MORE

I hear some places suggest using 4% Hydroquinone bleaching cream to pre-treat skin for Hypopigmentation. is this true? (photos)

As u can see the color didnt take to well. the rose is mainly black with black shading and the color in the rose is red but it didnt take well and has... READ MORE


Okay im considering getting my tattoo removed at the end of this month . And the doctor warned me about the possibility of hypo-pigmentation but he... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation after tattoo removal. Should I carry on? (photos)

Hi, I have just had my 4th session on a very black old tattoo on my lower back. On looking at it I was told I have Hypo-pigmentation, I also suffer... READ MORE

Can hypopigmentation and/or scarring be treated after tattoo removal?

I am in the process of removing several tattoos and I am afraid of hypopigmentation or being left with scar outlines of my tattoos...meaning if the... READ MORE

If the colored ink doesn't come out will tattoo excision be another option for me? (photos)

I have a tattoo that is MAINLY BLACK INK but also has some a lil red and green in it not much though but i want to try laser to remove all the black... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation after laser tattoo removal. Could this have caused the hypopigmentation? (photos)

Hi, posting again wirh more info. I've just had my 4th session on a v black old tattoo onlower back. I have been told I have Hypo-pigmentation? I also... READ MORE

Light spot on my tattoo after 2nd treatment. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello doctors, i just had my second session for my tattoo removal, i have my first one with nd yag 1064, and when i went for the second session to use... READ MORE

Black Tattoo Removal. Is it possible to remove it with Q-Switched Lutronic without secondary effects? (Photo)

Hi, I am from Argentina, I want to know if it is possible to remove a black tattoo with Q-Switched Lutronic. I am in BA, and here most of the doctors... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for colored tattoo removal for yellowish/brown skin? (photos)

Hello, My skin is asian brownish, like beyonce tonality, maybe a bit darker and I have a colored tattoo on the chest with red, yellow, green, blue and... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Scarring: Hypo and Hyperpigmentation?

I have undergone many laser tattoo removal treatments. Bold, black inked tattoos on medium brown skin. The doctor says there is not much ink left, but... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation Areas Tattooed with Natural Skin Color - How to Remove?

I have white spots (without pigmentation due to damage from sun) on my arms. 6 weeks ago i had them tatooed in what should have been my natural skin... READ MORE

Can I do anything about discoloration, "scarring", and what is left of my tattoo?

I have had 10 r20 treatments and 1 picosure treatment on a pelvic tattoo. I am left with severe hyper and hypopigmentation. The picosure treatment was... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation after my 4th Q switch treatment for tattoo removal

Hello there Doctors. I just completed my 4th laser treatment for tattoo removal, and the scabs fell of already, and it's like 10 days after treatment.... READ MORE

Laser tattoo removal, then tattoo excision, and then scar revision. Is it possible? (Photo)

I have a tattoo i want removed the tattoo is mainly BLACK iNK but also has some red and green ink in it but the colored ink looks very dull it isnt... READ MORE

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