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Normal to Have Some Raised Skin That Looks Like a Scar 4 Weeks After a Laser Tattoo Removal?

I have had two laser treatments to remove my tattoo. It has been 4 weeks and my tattoo is still raised. It looks like it's going to scar. Will the... READ MORE

Retattooing over Excision Scar?

I am seeking a tattoo excision after healing process. I was wondering, can I re-tattoo over the scar? Below is the tattoo. READ MORE

Is Raised and Itching Skin Normal After Tattoo Removal? (photos)

This is my second session with quanta c plus laser. The first session healed great, but this time was different. Five days after my second treatment... READ MORE

Unusual response to laser tattoo removal - is it a burn? (Photo)

I had my 5th laser session with a Medlite C6. In previous sessions my skin reacted very well and I had no evidence of trauma. The 5th session used a... READ MORE

Bleeding after laser tattoo removal session, is this normal? (photo)

I just got home from my removal session I feel I should mention that the session prior, I got an ice burn (they freeze the area before lasering) but I... READ MORE

I'm worried about tattoo removal healing with Revlite laser. Is this normal?

The test patch on the black one was fine. following the treatment, the red one blistered and swelled quite badly and is now scabby. The black one... READ MORE

Is it normal for your tattoo to still be raised two weeks after the first session?

2 weeks ago I had my first laser tattoo removal session on my side of a script tattoo. Some of the lines are almost completely gone but the dark ink... READ MORE

Laser tattoo removal 5 weeks ago - will it finally heal ? (photos)

It turned red so I went to see a doctor and he told me it looked like an infection, so he gave me medication for it, but nothing changed. Last week, I... READ MORE

Just got stick & poke tattooed - can I do anything to aid in removal while I'm waiting for it to heal before starting laser?

I received two homemade tattoos yesterday and immediately regretted it. I've read I need to wait 6 weeks for them to heal before starting laser... READ MORE

Tattoo Laser Removal Scars or still healing? (Photo)

I had laser tattoo removal on my half sleeve about 10 days ago and my tattoo feels raised, thick, and slightly tender. There is still a lot of redness... READ MORE

Will my skin heal ok from a tattoo excision above my wrist? (photo)

I had a tattoo done recently to cover up a scar and now I wish I had the scar instead. I am meeting with a plastic surgeon to discuss an excision.... READ MORE

How many session will this take to remove? How many months with healing time? (photos)

Hey, I just got this tattoo on my wrist, its about 3.5cm by 4cm. I desperately want to remove it, I didn't think enough before I got it, so stupid! I... READ MORE

Can I get tattoo excision on my leg? (Photo)

I have a tattoo on the right side of my right leg. About two inches from the ankle. I need a small part of it removed immediately for employment... READ MORE

Is it normal to have the lower leg inflamed after 3 days of the treatment? How can I tell if it's infected? (Photos)

Hello and thanks in advance for your comments: I am on my 3rd day of healing process and everything looks like that is going well, since I am being... READ MORE

If the Tattoo You Want to Be Lasered is Already Scarred is the Laser Still Effective?

(for example if the skin on the tattoo is scared from a previous tca peel) will the laser be able to get through the scarred skin to remove the ink READ MORE

After Having Tried Salabration to Remove Tattoo What's the Best Way to Help It Heal with Minimal Scars?

This is 10 days since I rubbed the top layers of skin off my leg to try and remove a tattoo I used loads of salt and water First rubbing salt in with... READ MORE

What Cream Stops Scarring After Rejuvie Tatoo Removal on Eyebrows?

Its been under a week after treatment. my eyebrows are very scabby with what looks like black ink coming out.they feel very tight and am worried that... READ MORE

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