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How Long Will It Take to Remove a All Black Tattoo the Size of a Quarter on my Right Hand? Backside. (photo)

I have a small black tattoo on the back of my right that is the size of a quarter. I got it 4 years ago. How many sessions would it take to remove... READ MORE

Easy to Remove a New Tattoo?

I just had a tattoo done on my hand 4 days ago, can it be removed easily? READ MORE

Are Hand Tattoos OK To Remove? (photo)

Are hand tattoos generally ok to remove READ MORE

Cream for Removing Tattoo on Hand?

Which cream should I use to get a tattoo off my hand? READ MORE

Why Hasn't my Tattoo Gone?

I would love anyone to take a second to look at my post and help me figure this out and or what to do now! READ MORE

Tattoo Removal on the Hand Cost?

I have a tattoo that I had for 5 years or so and I want it removed. How much would it cost? And how long would it take? Would it leave any scars? READ MORE

Extremely itchy after tattoo removal, lotions and creams are not working. What can you suggest to give me some relief?

Just over a week ago I got my first session of laser tattoo removal over three rather large sites on both of my forearms and my left hand. Everything... READ MORE

Good Candidates for Tattoo Removal?

Hand tattoo and forearm are they okay for removal they are 7 years old...black. READ MORE

How many treatment would it take to get hand tattoo removed?

Dark skinned man with a proffessional tattoo that reads FRESH BOY in black ink how many sessions and cost would this be seeing as it's very bold READ MORE

How can I permanently remove my tattoo with laser treatment?

I tatoo my right hand but now i not interst tatoo how can remoove perment tatoo with laser tratment READ MORE

Do you think this tattoo can be completely removed with no scarring? (Photo)

I plan on starting treatments soon, but I do want other opinions before I go ahead with it. This tattoo is also a cover up. READ MORE

How much would it cost to have a small tattoo removed from my hand?

I would like to remove my small tattoo, and I wonder about the price. My tattoo is on my right hand and is very small. Could you estimate the price... READ MORE

Where can I find an excision surgeon in or near the Philadelphia area? (Photo)

I am looking for a surgical excision doctor in Philadelphia or at the very least, east coast area. I have 4 words and 4 symbols on my hands. Yes, I... READ MORE

How Many Sessions at How Much Cost Per Session to Get Tattoos Removed?

I have two small tattoos; a butterfly on the web of my hand where my thumb and index meet and the name 'Celone' on the base of the right side of my... READ MORE

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