Fair Skin + Tattoo Removal

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Can I Remove my Tattoo 100%? (photo)

I made a mistake by going to tattoo artist who did not do exactly what i wanted and some days after i regret so badly what i did and could not sleep 2... READ MORE

Is This Normal or is my Tattoo Removal Specialist Not Doing a Good Job?

The tattoo is completely black ink, consists of 5 small symbols across my chest, has only had 1 touch up, and is over 2 years old. I am young, with... READ MORE

How many treatments should I expect? How likely is it that it will disappear completely? (Photo)

I had this tattoo done by a professional studio in January 2015. It's on the inner part of my bicep in black ink and the technique used is dotism,... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal, Does It Remove the Whole Tattoo?

I'm a 18 year old girl and i got a tattoo, pretty large on my arm without really thinking about it... and now i hate it. it's about 5 inches... READ MORE

How much would Tattoo Removal cost? How many treatments would it take? (photo)

So I very recently got this tattoo and immediately regretted my decision. It's something that I really wanted but realised that maybe... I'm not quite... READ MORE

Laser tattoo removal no longer working. Any suggestions?

I have a tattoo that is all black ink. I am fair skinned, so I should be getting optimal results. I am healthy, do not smoke, etc. The tattoo is about... READ MORE

i have planned this tattoo for years but I immediately regretted it. Is it treatable? (Photo)

I have to wait a few more weeks so it can be at least 6 weeks old--currently it's only 4 days. it's all black ink, very thin line work except for some... READ MORE

Will laser removal work? (photos)

Just got this 5 days ago. I've had another tattoo for 12 years with no issues, but I don't want this to stay. I know I need to wait, but what are the... READ MORE

What's the cost and guarantee of getting a tattoo completely removed? Fair skinned, tattoo is simple line work in black ink.

I just got tattoo yesterday- a beautiful, medium sized olive branch wreath on my bicep in black ink. I have wanted this tattoo for months. However,... READ MORE

How much will it usually cost and how many treatments to remove my tattoo? (photo)

I want to remove this tattoo that I got on my arm about 2 weeks ago from an amateur artist so the ink is low quality. My skin color is very fair and... READ MORE

How many treatments will my removal require? Will it scar or even be worth it?

I have a 3 inch by 3 inch NEW tattoo on my inner bicep. It healed very nicely with no visual scarring or complications. It's all black with no shading... READ MORE

I have a new tattoo with yellow and red as primary pigments. Can it be removed? (Photo)

I just got a tattoo and I really dislike the coloring of it. The artist told me he would be gentle with the hues as I am very fair skinned, but yet it... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a fullsleeve in color? (photos)

The tattoo is 1 year old, the lower part of the arm is only 6 weeks old, it goes around the whole arm, parts of it is free from colour. There are... READ MORE

Will laser removal work and how long do I need to wait to get it? (photo)

I got a tattoo the other day, I've wanted it since god know how long, but after I got it I just realized that it was a mistake, it's my 6th tattoo all... READ MORE

How to lighten tattoo on lower back is that is to dark on African American skin?

I am AA not to dark pretty fair toned. I have a fairly month old tattoo on my lower back that is a cover up but it is so unrecognizable and dark. Is... READ MORE

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