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TCA Tattoo Removal

I am using TCA (currently at 20%) to fade/remove a tattoo on my arm. My question is, do these peels go deep enough to fade/remove a tattoo? If not... READ MORE

Can You Fade a Tattoo at Home Safely?

I understand laser tattoo removal is the best option but is there at home safe ways just to fade black ink? Thank you READ MORE

How Much Fading Should I Expect After Three Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments on Ankle? (photo)

I have a multi-colored tattoo on my left outer ankle, approximately 1 inch in area, 15 years old. I have had three laser removal treatments spaced 6-8... READ MORE

What Can Remove a Tattoo Besides Laser?

I got a new tattoo (less than a week ago) on my left shoulder it's all black and 1cm wide and 5 inches long, though came out wrong. I want to know... READ MORE

What Options Do I Have, Besides Laser, To Fade Eyebrow Tattoos?

I have my eyebrows tattooed on and the guy who did them didn't do a good job at all. They are faded as it is but what could i do besides laser... READ MORE

Can Arm Tattoo of This Magnitude Be Excised & Grafted Successfully? (Laser Treatments Not Working)

I'm seeking tattoo excision and grafting of my right forearm after a horribly botched tattoo procedure. I've had 3 Q-switch laser treatments,... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Get a Laser Tattoo Removal if I've Been Using Fadeplex, a Fading Cream?

I have been using the tattoo lightening cream called Fadeplex to fade my tattoo. I am now interested in treating my tattoo with laser tattoo removal.... READ MORE

Would exposing a tattoo to sunlight in between laser treatments help fade it faster?

The tattoo artist who did my tattoo told me to stay out of the sun or to be diligent with sunblock so the tattoo wouldn't fade. For two years I was... READ MORE

Does massaging the tattoo area will help fading?

I read an article that says that massaging the tattoo area every day for a few minutes helps the fading (because it brings more blood to the area).... READ MORE

How many laser treatments would my koi fish half sleeve need to be faded enough to get a cover up? (photos)

How many laser treatments would my koi fish half sleeve need to be faded enough to get a cover up? The tattoo is mainly black and grey with a little... READ MORE

No frosting at all after laser treatment. Will I still get some fading?

I have just had my second laser treatment, the first time it frosted & went white, this time i had no frosting at all just red pinpoint bruising, will... READ MORE

Will my tattoo ever completely fade? Will my skin ever look like it used to? (photos)

I was going to cover up a lower back tattoo with a large tree, but I knew I hated it as soon as it was on there. Only got the black outline done, and... READ MORE

Fading tattoos. Would it hurt if I ran glycolic acid pads over them?

Just a thought..for tattoo removal/fading. I use glycolic acid pads as apart of my nighttime facial routine. Would it hurt if I ran them over my tattoos? READ MORE

Laser tattoo removal not working! (photo)

This is my 9th session over the close of 50 something weeks. I feel I am making no progress. The tattoo is not fading and is still clearly there. I'm... READ MORE

How to fade/remove microbladed eyebrow tattoo at home?

About a day and a 1/2 ago I underwent an eyebrow tattoo session for the first time. I'm unhappy with the uneven results and would like to fade or... READ MORE

How long will it take to notice a fade in my tattoos after Ruby Laser treatments?

Hello, I have two tattoos on my chest area one on the right side and the other on the left side. they are about 1x 5x each. I have my first treatment... READ MORE

Should my laser tattoo removal take over 20 sessions?

I have been getting laser tattoo removal on two areas (left hip area and lower back) for almost 2 years. I have had a total of around 20 sessions.... READ MORE

Is it part of the removal proccess for my tattoo to turn white, rather than disappear, 2-3 months into my treatment?

Ive been in the process of removing a tattoo on my arm for over 1 now. Im up to my 8th session & after my last session it has been 2 months. My tattoo... READ MORE

Tattoo Faded to a Light Brown-red Colour After Laser Treatment? (photo)

Good Day Experts, I am a woman of colour that had an eyebrow tattoo done almost a year ago, earlier this year (March) I decided to have it removed.... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Fade This Tattoo Enough to Cover It and Touch it up? (photo)

I love my tattoo, or at least the idea of it, but unfortunately I went back to have it touched up and the tattoo artist added a lot of dark greens and... READ MORE

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