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I've Recently Had my First Tattoo Removal Laser Session Done and I Have Seen VERY Minimal Results, Is that Typical?

Laser used is AlexTriVantage Various shades of black colored tattoo Little to no difference after 5 weeks of first treatment Tan/olive skin complexion... READ MORE

How Much Fading Should I Expect After Three Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments on Ankle? (photo)

I have a multi-colored tattoo on my left outer ankle, approximately 1 inch in area, 15 years old. I have had three laser removal treatments spaced 6-8... READ MORE

Would Laser Removal Treatments Completely Remove my Full Back Peice Tattoo?

I am beginning to really hate my tattoo and desperately want to remove it. It bothers me everyday and I can't live with it any more. Originally I... READ MORE

What Does the Process Look Like when Having a Tattoo Removed?

When hsving s tsttoo removed with a laser, is there going to be any burns, redness, mark, etc or will there just be fading of the tattoo without any... READ MORE

Remove Big Multi-colored (Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Black) Tattoo on Back. Reasonable Expectations?

I Have a Big Multi-colored (Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Black) Tattoo on my Back. What Are Reasonable Expectations? I would like to have it removed,... READ MORE

Will Tattoo Removal Work? (photo)

Ok so I got this tattoo about a year ago. I know its pretty big, and its on my back. Ive been regretting it lately, but I have considered laser... READ MORE

Can I Have my Tattoo Removed, Without Noticing a Difference?

Hey, I'm thinking about getting my tattoo removed. The tattoo is on my upper back, and some of it down my spine. Fairly large tattoo, and only black... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal on my wrist??? (photos)

Hello there! I just got a black small tattoo on my wrist (please see pic). What is the best way to remove the tattoo? What should be my realistic... READ MORE

What are my best options and reasonable expectations for lightening my 4 month old tattoo in preparation for a cover up? (Photo)

I'd like to lighten the tattoo enough to do cover up. I really dislike the tattoo as it is now, but I plan to cover it up with a similar artistic... READ MORE

What results can I hope for with a laser tattoo removal of a small black and grey tattoo? (Photo)

I got a tattoo on my inner forearm a few days ago. Although my artist completed my design well, I am regretting it and it has upset me greatly causing... READ MORE

As a doctor, What do you think I can expect if I want to get my tattoo removed ? (photos)

Done it in August, regret since day 1. don't know yet if I want all to disappear or if I will do a cover up...First I only had my gardenias and then I... READ MORE

What sort of outcome can I realistically expect from attempts to remove a very very large tattoo from my back? (Photo)

I got a small tattoo covered up with a much larger one and I'm so unhappy with the results. I'm full of sadness and regret and feeling very lost. Is... READ MORE

Tattoo removal-expected results?

Hi there, I have a tattoo down my spine which is solid black in colour. I have had 3 removal sessions to date and have noticed absolutely no... READ MORE

How much should my tattoo removal cost? (Photo)

This tattoo was hand done/poked. Very small as you can see and all with in an inch square. Just wondering what I should expect to pay. READ MORE

Realistic expectations of removal??? (photos)

Please help! What are my chances of removing this tattoo? Full removal? And how long? READ MORE

Tattoo removal expectations: what laser should I use and approximately how many treatments would be needed? (Photos)

I got a tattoo with a friend less than 24 hours ago and both regret them completely. I got a very minimal tattoo on my wrist of a line and an outline... READ MORE

What Type of Expectations Should I Have with a 5 Month Old All Black Half Sleeve Tattoo?

I have a light tan complexion, my tattoo is all black. I've just completed my 3rd session with a revlite laser. I've only noticed slight fading so far... READ MORE

Astanza Duality treatment #1, how long till I see some change?

Yesterday I had my first of many planned sessions of laser tattoo removal. I'm realistic in my expectations and understand I may always carry remnants... READ MORE

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