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Excision Tattoo Removal

I live on long Island and am having a hard time finding a surgeon who will do multiple excisions. I can't live with this tattoo. Its very large... READ MORE

African American Tattoo Removal

I am a 30 year old African American woman looking for a safe yet successful way of removing a lower back tattoo. My question to you is, what would be... READ MORE

Possible to Remove a Tattoo Through Excision?

I have a tattoo that is 4 1/2 by 3 inches on my inner forearm. I read that large tattoos will need a skin graft but they don't specify how large. I... READ MORE

Quick and Easy Tattoo Removal

I am looking for a a quick and easy way to remove my tattoos. I have two quarter sized tattoos behind my ears. I have gone over all options and as I... READ MORE

I Want to Get a Tattoo Excision and I Am Wondering if This is Possible Given the Size of my Tattoo? (photo)

I decided quite stupidly to get a tattoo 8 days ago. I have regretted it ever since and have become traumatized and depressed to the point that I do... READ MORE

Can an Excision Be Done on the Finger?

I have a tattoo on the side of my middle finger and I desperately want it removed. I don't want to do laser surgery because it'll take too... READ MORE

Both my Wrists Are Tattooed, I Want a Surgical Excision, is There Help for Me? (photo)

My left wrist tattoo, the sun, is about two years old. My right wrist, the flowers, is only about a year old. Is there any chance to be able to have... READ MORE

Can Arm Tattoo of This Magnitude Be Excised & Grafted Successfully? (Laser Treatments Not Working)

I'm seeking tattoo excision and grafting of my right forearm after a horribly botched tattoo procedure. I've had 3 Q-switch laser treatments,... READ MORE

Approximately How Much Would It Cost to Have Tattoo Excision Done on a Small Tattoo?

I have a small red heart with a black outline on my ribcage. It is the size of a fingernail. I have dark skin, so I don't think that laser removal... READ MORE

Excision to Remove a Tattoo?

I'm African American, and I have a small all black ankh tattoo on my wrist. Can an excision remove it? Would it also be best just to have excision, as... READ MORE

Retattooing over Excision Scar?

I am seeking a tattoo excision after healing process. I was wondering, can I re-tattoo over the scar? Below is the tattoo. READ MORE

Excision to Get Rid of Tattoo and Scars?

I have big tattoo on my arm and scars under the tattoo. If I get Excision option, will I be able to get rid of my tattoo and scars under the tattoo at... READ MORE

Can Newer Tattoos Be Removed?

I recently got a tattoo I don't love; I desperately want it OFF. It's dark (all black, 2x6 inches), only 2 months old, and my pale skin really absorbs... READ MORE

Small Fish Tattoo on Wrist, Can I Get Excision? (photo)

I got this and I dont regret it, but the religious aspect is keeping me from getting jobs, Would love a one time excision over the laser option, Opinions? READ MORE

Is Surgical Excision the Answer to Lip Line Tattoo Removal?

I've read through many websites and it seems to me laser isn't the best option for lip line tattoo removal since it usually leaves scars and other... READ MORE

Good Candidate for Tattoo Excision? (photo)

I have a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch tattoo on my wrist but I don't know if this part of the body is a good place for excision because of the veins and... READ MORE

Tattoo at the Back of Knee Excision?

I have a stretch mark on the back of my knee, so I got a tattoo to be over it. Now I want the tattoo to be excisioned out. Is this possible? It is... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal on Upper Sternum - Excision or Laser?

I Need to Get a 5cm X 5cm Tattoo on my Upper Sternum Removed. Is Laser Better or Excision? I'm an asian in mid 20s, and I'd like to know the... READ MORE

Tattoo Excision

I have a tattoo around my bellybutton can i get it excised and hide scars in my bellybutton? I asked my plastic surgeon and he said it would cause... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Through Excision for the Whole Back?

I have a tattoo that covers my whole back. I was wondering if I go with the excision option, will it cover the whole tattoo and will it be noticeable? READ MORE

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