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What Tattoo Ink Colors Are Easiest to Remove?

Which ink colors are easiest to remove using laser tattoo removal? Any ink colors that won't come out at all? READ MORE

Is no blistering/scanning/peeling after laser tattoo normal?

I just had my first treatment on a tattoo that's primarily shading and black lines. I was expecting to have scabbing and bleeding but after being just... READ MORE

Tatgone or Rejuvy - Do They Work for Tattoo Removal?

No one has mentioned them yet. They are supposed to remove permanent tattoos by 'tattooing them out.' Supposedly it's safer, more effective, and less... READ MORE

R20 Laser for Tattoo Removal?

Hi, I was looking for laser tattoo removal information and what I've found is that the nd yag q switched laser is the best method in almost every... READ MORE

Salabrasion - Tattoo Removal. Is This Safe and Effective?

I keep reading about salabrasion, salt water, for cosmetic permanent make up removal. I was wondering how safe and successful this method is. I would... READ MORE

I have had tattoo laser removal 2 days ago and heard that it always results in blistering. Any suggestions?

However, although the area is swollen it hasnt blistered or scabbed at all and I am a bit concerned about this as constantly read how after laser... READ MORE

Can Switching Lasers After 4 Tattoo Removal Treatments Cause Scarring or Affect the Removal Process?

I have had 4 treatments with the Alma Harmony LX Yag Q-switched laser and after some more researching am thinking about switching providers and thus... READ MORE

How Do I Know if the Tattoo Removal is Working?

I have a black outline koi fish tattoo on my whole forearm I got 1 session and i barely saw a difference..then i got an r20 sessions with 3 passes i... READ MORE

Could Smartxide Dot Be Used to Get Rid of Tattoos?

I have a professional tattoo on the abdomen. READ MORE

Does Tattoo Removal Work in Patches? (photo)

I have a large fresh black tattoo thats i'm looking to get removed and am aware that this will be a long process. My laser operator told me during... READ MORE

My Tattoo Was Slightly Raised, is This Affecting the Laser Removal?

I've just had my 6th laser tattoo removal session and my Dr. has officially categorized it as "slow" fading. The tattoo is on the outside of my wrist... READ MORE

Can a Tattoo Be Too Big and Dark for Effective Laser Removal?

I recently got a black and white upper arm half-sleeve with a lot of very thick lines and very dark shading. It was done by a professional, and I had... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal First Session on Upper Arm. Good Indication of its Effectiveness?

I have just had my first removal session done onUpper arm half sleeve tattoo last night . It looks as if some of the shading has gone & lines have... READ MORE

Why Does Size of Tattoo Matter in Determining Tattoo Removal Success?

I'm just thinking why alot of people say how successful tattoo removal is also depends on size of the tattoo compared to other factors. The only... READ MORE

Is topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) known to inhibit the effectiveness of laser (Revlite) treatment?

I am due to go in for my first session on Friday and i've read a few times that it could hinder the effectiveness of the laser. READ MORE

R20 Laser Tattoo Removal on 3 Month Old Inner Calf Tribal All Black Tattoo. A Good Idea? (photo)

From the moment I removed the bandage, I realized that I had made a terrible choice. I realized that this just doesn't fit into my personality. A well... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeons in Portland, Oregon That Perform Tattoo Excisions?

I got a tattoo on my arm 4 years ago that I regret. I've had more than 10 Laser Tattoo treatments with the Medlite C6. Initially there was fading,... READ MORE

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